Pix 14 Mar 2010

14 03 2010



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18 03 2010

Wow. I’ve been either sick or sleepless this winter, but I think of you often and am so excited that you’ve been able to blog like this! Bless you! PLEASE give Jim, Salome and Janel our love. We miss all of you.

16 03 2010
Jovita Hernandez

Gary and familia,
My prayers are with you and with your work. Stay safe.

15 03 2010
buck nunn

Thanks for the update. Our prayers are for Nigeria, Payns, Crouche’s, ant those we met when we were there. We know God called you there and know you are listening and obeying.
Got an OK from Jim.
lv ya’
buck % jo

15 03 2010

Dear Payne Family,
I enjoy the pictures and appreciate the updates, we are keeping the prayers going, and look forward to this summer. I have been working on learning the song “You Alone Can Rescue” also learning Col. 3:13 It is not easy memorizing but I feel it is important. Blessings to you all.

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