20 May 2011

21 05 2011

The end of the school year is here and we are amazed and thankful for all that took place this year. As our superintendent stated; we have had to be flexible and trusting in the Lord to work our way through the challenges of this year. I have to agree! And as I look back at our year I believe we have learned and grown through it. This is also a difficult time of the year, since we are in the process of saying “goodbye” to those who are leaving at the end of the school year and not returning. God blesses us with fellow teachers and friends for a short time, but we are learning that arrivals and departures are a regular part of the cycle of living here. Attached are some random pictures of our year…

We had a SHORT track season as we had to adjust our schedule for Nigeria’s elections. It was still exciting to see the kids give their all in the hot sun and dirt. Notice the socks and bare feet on students at a track meet running the 1500 meter race (6 laps around the track).

We have an orphanage that is special to us and at a recent visit we helped bathe the kids and feed the babies… then we got to play.

After a hard rain, we had a large water truck lose control and crash into (or through) our compound wall. We live in a huge compound, yet this truck came through our neighbor’s back yard….30 feet from ours. It was loud and scary, yet luckily the injuries were minor. Our damaged wall was down through the last round of elections, yet prayers were answered as peace in Jos has remained throughout all the elections, while other villages and towns have had their share of rioting.

Jordan’s class had their end of year banquet. It is a celebration they talk about and plan for the entire year. The girls spend the day doing hair, nails and makeup, then the Hillcrest community comes out to see them all dressed up before they go out to eat. It makes us parents tear up as we see our children looking so grown up!

We will be home again this summer and can’t wait to catch up with all of you!

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