8 weeks (minus)

14 11 2008

The 8 week mark went by back on Tuesday, so this post is a few days behind.

The visa paperwork has arrived in Washington, DC for the next step in processing…sort of. Unfortunately, I forgot to include printed copies of the online applications, so now I have to recreate those, print them, and send them along to catch up with the other paperwork. So I’ll get that done over the weekend and send off another round of paperwork on Monday, so it should be there by Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry »


The Countdown: 9 weeks

5 11 2008

Praise! The visa paperwork traveled from Nigeria to Texas last week and arrived at our house on Saturday (11/1). It’s now Wednesday, and a pile of neccesary paperwork has been gathered (4 copies each of about a dozen required documents!). Read the rest of this entry »