17 June 2012

17 06 2012

Our school year has officially ended and we are ready for a break!  It has been a physically and emotionally demanding year.  We praise God for several months of peace in Jos and that our school year did not have more interruptions.  The end of each year means saying goodbye, but this year seemed to have a lot of families retiring and moving out of Nigeria.  We are feeling a bit raw as families we love move on.

Highlights from our school year:


  • many opportunities to play worship music and having Jordan join us on keyboard this year
  • being part of the 2012 Class graduation as a sponsor and watching them finish well
  • watching the girls participate in some new activities (sports) this year (and enjoy it)
  • having good senior play and musical productions thanks to a hard-working sound crew


  • the school yearbook designed well by students and printed successfully
  • painting human hearts in red and blue outside on the tennis courts in health class
  • a student sincerely thanking me for the final exam because she did well!
  • discipleship with boisterous and lively sixth grade girls


  • having fun in sports
  • receiving the ‘Most Improved’ award for girls soccer
  • competing in the 800 & 1500m races on the track team
  • running the 1500 in 6:23 at the last track meet


  • the bacteria lunch in Science class with yogurt, croissants, and chocolate
  • the hamburger paragraph party in English class


  • Elementary field day with teams competing in fun games like water toss and obstacle course.
  • Having a senior girl take interest in her and sew her beautiful dresses.

We all participated in a 6-hour relay to benefit a local wheel chair ministry.  We each took turns with our teams to run a mile.  Six teams raised over $3500 which will build at least 30 wheel chairs and allow kids who were stuck at home to go to school.

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