02 April 2011

2 04 2011

It’s been challenging the past couple of months to find time to update our blog and keep in touch with everyone. We had a couple of months of challenges with our power supply, and with all the surges and extended outages we experienced, the power supplies (chargers and batteries) for the school network took a severe beating and were damaged. The past few weeks  our power situation has improved, but the network is limping along until we can replace all the chargers and batteries, and is only powered up until 5pm on school days and for 3 hours on Saturday afternoon.

Here are some pictures from the past two months…Valentine’s Day Lunch hosted by the Senior class, Elementary and Middle Field Day, and the annual Carnival hosted by the Sophomore class. Jordan’ elective classes this semester have included a Language Acquisition class (taught by a Wycliffe-trained translator) and beginning woodworking class…be sure to check the examples of her work in the slideshow pix.

As we enter the month of April, elections are taking place over the next 3 Saturdays  beginning today. Please continue to pray with us that the elections will be peaceful, and the results valid and fair so that Nigeria can move forward  in a positive manner.

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