08 September 2013

9 09 2013

As we got ready to post another blog update, we discovered we hadn’t posted anything for many many months.  Ooops!   I could give a bunch of excuses…or just move forward… So, we hope to post several times in the ‘near future’ to summarize the past semester at Hillcrest.  After living in Jos for 4+ years it is hard to know what is interesting to post about.  Daily life at Hillcrest and around Jos seems ‘normal’ now yet we know our ‘normal’ has changed.  Since we have been home on Camano Island for 3 months now we have had discussions about what ‘normal’ life means for us.

The girls started public school for the first time in 7 years.  For those who didn’t already see on Facebook, their ‘2nd day of school’ pics are below.  We are very thankful for a smooth first week, knowing their transition into large schools and already formed friendships can be hard on mission kids.  Please pray with us that God will bring good experiences and good friends into their lives.

Also pictured below are some exciting events that occurred at our school.  Isabell was Raggedy Ann for the 5th grade Christmas Play called ‘The Christmas Gift’.  She was sooo nervous but did an amazing job.

The school had its second annual Sadie Hawkins dance.  Jordan asked her good friend Jimra and had a fun time.  We love the fact that we live on the same compound and can keep an eye on everything J!

I, Kimberly, took on coaching middle school soccer this last year.  It was a huge step out of my comfort zone but a great experience.  It was quite a challenge to find other middle school girls teams to play but we had about 4 games and one against the Hillcrest middle school boys.  I resisted the pressure to play only our most talented players, but gave everyone equal playing time.

That’s plenty for now…. thanks for keeping up with us.  We are home at Rest Haven to connect with family and friends so we would love to see you!

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