Here are some suggestions if you want to send a care package to us here in Nigeria. You can also email us for more ideas and/or information, since we often have other items and/or ministries we are thinking about. The US Postal Service offers flat-rate international boxes, which *usually* manage to arrive in approximately three weeks (the largest flat rate box costs approximately $50 for shipping). Our mail comes to the Hillcrest School post office box and when something arrives for us we go downtown to the post office to pick it up. Thanks!


  • Family-friendly movies


  • Regular & Decaf Coffee Beans (whole bean dark roast for espresso)
  • Chocolate-covered espresso beans (yum!
  • Peanut M&Ms (survive shipping well)
  • Pepperoni
  • #2 pencils
  • Gatorade Mix
  • Granola, Clif, protein, or energy bars
  • Fruit snacks (preferably 100% fruit ones)
  • Turkey/Beef Jerky

[Last update: 28 November 2011]


8 responses

9 09 2013
Cousin Wanda

I wanted to tell you how exciting your post is!!! The pictures are awesome!!!!!! The events!!!!! The life!! Your work!!!!! Its beautiful to see the lives you have touched!!!!

29 10 2010
Karen McMillan

Hey there, I hope all is good. Is your “wishlist” up to date? I have a few items I plan to send and wanted to know if you are in need of any other goodies.

5 08 2010
Cousin Wanda

Hi Cousin, I was checking out your wish list. You may have new wishes since the last post. Pls email me you and family could use.
Prayers, Wanda

31 01 2010
Jim Wilkin

You are constantly in our prayers, miss you all. Will be sending out some goodies off your wish list on 2/1/10!

30 12 2009
Ruth Carlson

Mom and I are sitting here at Evangel using the Multilinks network to access your blog! Mom’s waiting to have the surgeon take a spot off of her face. She says that’s one way to lose weight!
Glad you were able to keep the bushfire from taking over the compound! What an experience.
We also had an interesting Christmas. On the 24th Briska got hit by a truck while she was crossing the road to buy a 100 naira bag. Her arm is broken very close to the shoulder and we’re trying to get her help from a specialist who can put screws in, etc. But the specialist at Evangel is gone till Feb. Pray! We don’t want her to lose her arm! Anyway, she’s been staying in our guestroom and so I’ve been running a little hospital.

30 11 2009
Lisa Anderson

Hello friends!! We are heading to Everett tomorrow and have The Ultimate Gift on hold for you and will pick it up…and we’ll make up some of our homemade taco/fajita seasoning for you and get it on its way asap… Thought I would post what we are sending – so others know…won’t be much of a surprise…but that is ok. Love to you all!! Lisa, Steve, Erling & Genny – p.s. thanks so much for the blog update reminder – it helps me tremendously!! 🙂

12 05 2009

We try to keep it updated, but it’s also a good idea to check directly with us just to make sure it’s current.

21 04 2009
Carrie Foxen

How often is this updated? Is this a current Wishlist?

This is a great way to keep in touch with your family’s mission, you all look wonderful and it’s so nice to see the smiles on your faces!

God Bless!

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