Both prayer and financial support are essential for our success in the mission field. Our time here in Nigeria continues to teach us how critical our prayer team at home is. They are our link to Camano Chapel and our prayer warriors lifting us up to the Lord.

Hillcrest School provides housing, a stipend that partially covers our living expenses, and reimbursement for some of our travel expenses, but we are in need of approximately $2000 per month in additional financial support. In the 5+ years we have been here, the cost of living has increased byabout 50% (!), and since Kimberly is now doing outside ministry, our stipend has decreased by about 1/3. We also encounter other one-time expenses, such as the process of getting to/from Nigeria and maintaining our living situation there (vehicle repair/maintenance needs, etc).

We ask you to prayerfully consider coming along side us in either capacity as we continue our ministry here through May 2015.

Please email us if you have additional questions, and /or so we can plan for our needs and/or add you to our support team. You can send a check directly to Camano Chapel (add “Payne Family” on the memo line), or click here to set up a one-time or regular online giving account.

Thank you!

Gary & Kimberly Payne

[Last update: 08 September 2013]


4 responses

16 02 2009

forgot to mention how well you look in the photos! ; )


16 02 2009

Kim and Gary,

Its aziza. i support your mission. any time a good deed is done with a clean heart and caring spirit, each of us is uplifted. you are helping not only the community proper, but uplifting the rest of us as well.

I respect and admire the dedication your family has put forth in regards to this program.

i will check back and see how you are doing. If i can help with donations and or prayers i will.

well wishes,

(formerly aziza diaz petrou)


29 01 2009
Pastor Mich

Gary — How’s the support level going? Under? Over? Just right? Keep me informed. Sounds like you’ve got lots of friends covering you in prayer…and that’s the most important (and needed) thing of all.

11 12 2008
Jovita Angelica Hernandez

I am so proud of your mission Gary and Kimberly. My prayers will to go out to you daily. Bless you both and your family. You are truly walking the talk of loving humanity in the way that God has asked us to.

with love and respect,
angelica hernandez

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