22 August 2011

22 08 2011

It’s good to be back in the swing of things after tons of fun on Camano Island playing and visiting…  At times I wondered if our kids did more socializing than we did J.  When we arrived in Abuja, we were greeted by 75 degree weather at 5 am (warmer than we had been the entire 8 weeks in the U.S.) and the power going out while leaving baggage claim (it’s still dark here at 5am!).  The drive to Jos took 4-5 hours with traffic and security check points along the way.  It is good to be back even though the tug of leaving family and friends is still difficult.  It is the middle of rainy season so our house is damp, clothes are damp, and everything has a damp feel and a bit of a musty smell to it, but the temperature is still nice…high 60’s to low 80’s from morning to night.  More bugs invade during rainy season so we have to toughen up and not scream every time.  I only get wound up when they are bigger than 2 inches.

I (Kimberly) must admit, while playing and sleeping in during our break, my priorities shifted and my time with God became less and less, along with my perceived need for daily quiet time.  By the last week I was feeling selfish, having a ‘poor me’ attitude, and not wanting to fly back to Nigeria.  But now I am back to a routine that includes my prayer time and amazingly my gratitude and privileged feeling of serving here has returned.  God is so patient and merciful.

Our prayer request for finding a renter was answered.  The contract was signed one day before we left.  The situation was a bit shaky, but we pray that our renters will get their feet on the ground and enjoy the house as much as we have.   Also, just hours after we left, our 20-year-old house began acting up with pipes leaking, flooding and a hot water tank that needed replacing.   We have an amazing property manager and numerous friends who helped take care of things and we are so very grateful!

We are two weeks into our school year at Hillcrest, however today was a first.  School uniforms were mandatory beginning today, and it was a big deal.  There was lots of complaining from student (especially the teenagers!), but everyone looked so good and sharp!

We plan to update again soon…thanks for continuing to keep up with us and pray, encourage and support us!

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