16 April 2015

16 04 2015

We are already in transition with only 6 weeks left in Nigeria.  We have two homes now, and leaving one for an undetermined amount of time is very emotional.  We are finding new homes for our animals and selling and giving away our ‘stuff’.    We are excited to be back on Camano Island, but all the goodbyes here have to happen first.

The government mandated school closure was extended until Monday, April 20th, so we have been out of school almost 1 month.  It has been the most challenging year for school closures, with Ebola and elections.  Fortunately, the students have been completing their school work through take-home ‘packets’ and on-line assignments, which has kept us on track for having enough school days.  We pray they have also learned their subjects!

Both federal and local elections are finished with mostly peace here in Jos.  We are thankful for answered prayers!  The future of Nigeria is very uncertain with major changes ahead.  Again, we are praying the changes will be positive for the people.

Thank you to our friends and family back home that have encouraged us through this amazing time of serving in Africa.  We couldn’t be here without your prayers and support.

As we return home we have two large, unique requests:

1st:  We are looking for a car/van until we can buy a vehicle, which we hope will be by the end of the summer.

2nd:  We are camping this summer, and also having my (Kimberly’s) mother visit.  We thought camping at 70 might be hard, so we looked into RV rentals which were quite pricey.  If anyone is interested in renting their RV to us for 3 days (June 26, 27 & 28) or knows somebody who does RV rentals, please let us know. Gary had 6 years of RV experience (driving, emptying, assorted maintenance).

We will be arriving at Rest Haven in early June and are looking forward to catching up with you!

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