23 March 2012

23 03 2012

It has been a long time since we posted on our blog.  Lots of stuff happening here, both good and bad, exciting, yet stressful .

As many of you already know, Nigeria has been in the news and various areas are experiencing terrorist attacks and violence.  Jos has also experienced some of this and it has been difficult.  We purposely do not post details or comment on what is happening for security reasons.  We have an amazing community here for support during the tougher times.  We pray without ceasing and are listening to what God has planned for our family’s future.  For now, God keeps us here.  We welcome your encouragement and prayer.

Activities…as usual, we are keeping busy with life surrounding school!  Jordan is doing track.  She enjoys running and is quite speedy.  She has many opportunities to use her piano talent playing for the school worship team and for occasional Sunday services.  She was thrilled to be asked by a senior to accompany her singing for the yearly talent show.

Cypress has an amazing Korean violin teacher.  She doesn’t speak much English but it doesn’t seem to matter.  She played intramural soccer and loved it (her first time playing soccer).  She wants to do intramural running, but there may not be a teacher for that.  I said I would volunteer if no one else did but running after school when it is 85-90 degrees  will be tough.

Isabell gets a lot of attention from high school students who think she is adorable and also from our next door neighbors who are elementary teachers.  She is a very social girl and always wants to know who is coming for dinner.  We have regulars in and out of our house at dinner time.  The school musical is Annie and she gets to watch the practices since they take place right next door.  She knows all the songs and will most likely know all the lines very soon!

Jordan and I volunteered to help teach in a literacy program in a nearby village once a week.  It has been an amazing experience for both of us.  We just got word of it being postponed due to security and difficulty traveling on Sundays, but we hope we can continue in the near future.

Gary continues to keep busy with the library, running sound, and playing music. March has been busy with outdoor events requiring sound and background music, and this coming Sunday will be the second Worship Night he has organized, providing  an hour-long time for students and families to gather together for worship and prayer.

We have more to share, but this has gotten a bit long.  We will post again next week ….yeah….really!!

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