10 Oct 2010

10 10 2010

We have been asked what our new house is like.  We had the luxury of moving into one of the bigger houses on the compound since we have a family of five. It’s next door to where we lived last year. There are four bedrooms, so the girls all have their own rooms now, and the kitchen/living area is larger. It took awhile to not feel like we were in our neighbor’s house, and we do miss them since they have moved back to Texas, but we admittedly are enjoying the larger space!  In relation, even though it *is* more space than the 900 sq. ft. we lived in for the first 18 months here, it’s still only slightly more than half the size of our house on Camano Island!  So, enjoy the pictures below…

Jordan turned 13 recently and we see her confidence building.  She wants to do a bit of running…like her parents?…No, like her friends.  She also has chosen to play intramural soccer once a week.  She was  just elected class treasurer and is excited for the events the 8th graders have planned.

Cypress is as energetic as ever, enjoying the rain, mud and critters of Nigeria.  After a recent rain storm, she and a friend returned from a mud puddle covered head to toe in dirt.  They said they were trying to look African.  She has recovered well from the loss of Lucy (the dachshund) with the help of her new African Spurred Tortoise, Kobe (the Swahili word for tortoise).  He was found by the maintenance workers here on the compound and since the word is out that she likes critters, it now resides in her room.  Since they grow quickly and can live 200 years, hopefully he will be around for awhile.

Isabell at 8 years old she is becoming much more aware of the world around her and noticing a big difference between here and the U.S.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming and scary for her, but we are praying that God will strengthen her and she will see him working at a young age.  On a positive note, she has begun piano lessons and really enjoys it.





Pix 10 Oct 2010

10 10 2010

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