Lightning Video

26 06 2009

We had a(nother) good lightning show last night! It moved through during dinner, so we turned out all the lights and ate dinner by candle light and lightning flashes.  After dinner, I stepped outside and after a few tries caught this flash overhead…pretty cool!!


June 24

24 06 2009

Our “new” car has arrived.  It is a 1999 Toyota Sienna.  We are very happy to have seatbelts for everyone,  airbags, and a good working engine.   It was interesting buying a car here.  You decide what you want to spend, describe what you want and give the money to ‘the broker’ in cash.  He went looking for our specific requirements in another country (Benin) and came back with the car.  It took about 5 weeks.  This car actually originally came from the U.S.  and still had a registration sticker on the windshield that expires in 2010. There is a good market for used U.S. cars in Africa, especially Toyotas and Hondas.

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Pix June 24

24 06 2009

Gift Quilt

15 06 2009

Dana's quiltCheck out the beautiful gift quilt that Women of Hope Creations ministry made for Isabell’s Grade 1 teacher who just departed a week ago. It has handprints for all the children in her class this year…if you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can see the outline of Nigeria in the Aftrican continent, and find Isabell’s handprint and name at the bottom.

Miango Road Trip

15 06 2009

Pictures from our Miango road trip on June 9…beautiful, green countryside outside of Jos.

Pix June 14

14 06 2009

June 14

14 06 2009

A few months ago we signed up to be foster parents through Spring of Life for newborn babies needing short term care until they find a Nigerian home for them.  A few days ago we received a call asking if we were ready to take in a baby about to be born.   We were excited, although Gary and I did this in the states and know how quickly circumstances can change. The unwed birth mom ended up wanting to keep the baby (very hard to do in this culture). So, we had very disappointed girls!  I was surprised how excited they were to do this.  It became an opportunity to teach them God’s will isn’t necessarily what we want and that this lucky baby went from unwanted to wanted.   They are hoping we may have an opportunity to foster another time.

‘Another time’ came quickly as we babysat another family’s foster baby for 5 days.  Aisha is 3&1/2 months old and kept us busy.  Middle of the night wake ups were a jolt of reality.  It was great to have five of us to take care of her.  How did we do it with only two of us?  We were younger!

Recently as I introduced our girls to a Nigerian woman she greeted them warmly, then said to me “Well, you tried hard.”   She wasn’t trying to be mean or condescending, just a cultural comment reflecting the desire and pressure to have boys.   I am still laughing.

Last Sunday morning we took a fun road trip with 3 other mission families. Our guides both grew up here in Nigeria, attending both Kent Academy out in Miango, and graduating from Hillcrest School. They have been back in Nigeria with SIM for the past 10+ years; Jay has been coaching and Heidi teaching health classes here at Hillcrest, so they know the area well and have LOTS of fun stories to tell! The road trip took us on a scenic loop past Miango, where Miango Rest Home (MRH) and Kent Academy are located.  The other 2 families have both recently arrived , so we will now be able to return to the areas out by Miango to enjoy hiking, picnicking and berry picking together over the summer break. We really enjoyed seeing the Miango area again, showing the girls the places we had visited last year when we traveled with the Camano Chapel short term mission team, and seeing the beauty of the area during the wet season, when everything is green and the waterfalls are flowing more (the flip flops are still there in the pool below the falls, though!).