26 September 2011

26 09 2011

Since we last posted, a lot has been going on here in Nigeria…unfortunately not all of it good and that is the part that tends to make it into US news. We are so thankful for more calm and quiet the past couple of weeks. There are days when living in Nigeria can be stressful and days where we are so thankful for the privilege. We have learned it is that way about many things in life!

Last spring, we began preparing for Hillcrest’s next school accreditation visit from ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), which will occur this coming spring. We have needed to make several changes this year, increasing our # of school days since we miss days for all religious and national holidays,  so we have now shortened some of the school breaks for this year and lengthened our Monday school day to a “regular” day, rather than early release. Also our security is changing/increasing to help provide a safe environment for all of us. No longer is Hillcrest a place that anyone can come and visit, exercise and get some of the best suya (barbecued beef strips with a spicy and very flavorful coating…yum!) in Jos. Before coming through the Hillcrest gate the guards now have to know who you are and why you are here.

Soccer season is here and this is the first year we have spent time watching our players. Our Varsity boys team has incredible skill and is amazing to watch. They are playing teams in their 20’s and winning.

Jordan is also playing soccer for the first time this year and loves it. The JV and Varsity girls practice together and then some 9th graders play games for both teams and she is one of them. Makes for a busy week!

Discipleship started two weeks ago and I (Kimberly) am teaching the 6th grade girls this year. There are 9 Nigerian girls and Cypress. They are at such a great age to have fun learning about being a disciple of Christ. Jordan is part of the HS Praise Team for her discipleship group this year, singing and playing piano. The Praise Team leads worship for some of our Wednesday and Sunday chapels throughout the year.

Service in the community continues to be emphasized this year and the middle and high school students have had opportunities to visit orphanages in Jos. One of them is the same one our family spent time with last year. I am growing attached to some of these kids and it is hard not to be able to take them home!

Thank you for sending email updates, encouragement, prayer requests, etc. It really helps keep us connected. Even when we don’t get to respond know that we read, pray and love to hear from you.

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