Hiking Pix 25 Sep 2010

28 09 2010

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22 09 2010

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12 Sep 2010

12 09 2010

Returning to Jos after a fabulous time of resting and visiting was hard! It has taken us awhile to adjust being back in a routine, and has taken me (Kimberly) weeks longer than I thought it should to adjust to being back in Nigeria.  For awhile I was lethargic and listless, wondering what I was supposed to be doing here.  Time with God has been exactly what I needed and I have felt strengthened as my focus changes from ‘doing’ to ‘abiding’ and allowing Him to work through me no matter where I am.   Then, a friend from an orphan ministry asked if I wanted to join her for a few orphanage visits.  It was perfect timing to lift me out of thinking about myself and showing God’s love to those with huge needs.

The first weekend in September we attended the annual Hillcrest Staff retreat held out at Miango. During our 2 days there, we were reminded how much our students need us as teachers to meet them where they are at, see beyond their faces and actions to the past they bring into the classroom, and once again let God work through us to love them unconditionally.  We were also reminded of the huge spiritual needs of many students, and the opportunities we have to plant seeds, guide and be an example to all students, and encourage each other as a very diverse group of teachers and staff.

This past week we experienced the harsh reality of living without access to the same standard of veterinary care we have in the U.S.  We inherited our neighbor’s dachshund and recently discovered she was pregnant.  She was old and tiny and we had no idea who the male dog was.   She proceeded to grow extremely large for her small frame and we struggled to watch her move around.  During her final days she had trouble breathing and finally died when her heart gave out (before giving birth).   It was traumatic as it all happened in front of us.  We had 2 vets look at her and say that there wasn’t anything to do but wait it out.  I asked about a cesarean and was told the chances of mom and pups surviving were low.  It was a reminder of how much we are separated from suffering and death in the U.S. where here we are surrounded by it and can’t put a filter up for the kids.  We acknowledged that this was just our pet and how many people in the world go through watching loved ones die without access to medical care.  Another life lesson learned in a third world country.

Pix 12 Sep 2010

12 09 2010