22 Sep 09

22 09 2009

We have had  a couple of extra days off from school this week due to a public holiday declared for Sallah (the end of Ramadan). We are thankful for the extra rest and that the past few days have remained calm here in Jos.

We have had several  requests to hear from the girls about their thoughts and experiences in Nigeria, so with some prompting we got the following input from them…

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Hiking @ Miango

11 09 2009

Since there have been a few comments/questions about the hiking pictures, here are some more details (and a few more pix) about our adventures. While we were on the Hillcrest Staff Retreat (28-30 August), we went for a hike in an area that is owned by NESCO, one of the main power companies here in Nigeria.  Along the river there is a canal constructed by NESCO  to reroute water from the river across the hillside for several kilometers where it then is dropped back through a large pipe into a turbine to generate electricity for the area. We started (and ended) the hike through tall elephant grass (4+ feet high), which is sharp and abrasive even just brushing up against it, and can cause deep cuts if you inadvertently grab onto and/or run your hand along the blades. Fortunately, as we continued along the canal we passed several Nigerians busy cutting back the tall grass  so when  it dries out during dry season it will not fall into the canal and clog up the gates and turbine pipe, but even though we didn’t have to trek through elephant  grass the entire hike our arms were irritated and itchy from the areas of tall grass we did have to pass through.

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6 sep 09

6 09 2009

The first 5 weeks of the school year have gone by quickly! Kimberly has been adjusting to teaching, spending evenings and weekends prepping for upcoming health and yearbook classes, grading homework and tests, and co-leading Grade 7 girls discipleship once weekly.

In addition to weekly library visits and story times with Grades K-5, I have been  working with our Spiritual Life Coordinator (aka “Chaplain”!) to “ramp up” our school chapel time with worship music and video.  I am on the Spiritual Life Committee, since I am now “officially” in charge of sound, lights and video and have also starting training a group of 8-10 students so they can help to run sound, lights and video for  the numerous chapel and school events.

In the midst of our immersion into the daily “life” of Hillcrest School, we are both realizing how critical devotion, prayer and worship are in staying energized and focused on glorifying God through our many daily opportunities, interactions  and challenges with students, staff, parents and community.

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Pix 06 sep 09

5 09 2009