19 August 2014

19 08 2014

“Summer” is officially over for us, although the sunshine and warm weather are never finished here!  School is now in its second week while many of you back home are still enjoying your final weeks of summer break.  We had a fabulous summer break in Nigeria and wanted to share some of the highlights:

We organized the 3rd annual “5K for Jay” run to raise money for a former Hillcrest student and missionary teacher who is suffering from ALS.  Our 5K mirrored the 5K held for him in the U.S.  He is remembered and well-loved by many who were impacted during his time in Jos.

We made a 10+ hour road trip (550 km/350 miles each way) to one of the largest orphanages in Nigeria (300 kids between 2 locations!).  We met missionary friends bringing a small short-term team in Abuja and traveled with them to the orphanage located in small village in central Nigeria. Kimberly and the girls helped mainly in the nursery (40 kids under 2) while the older kids went to school, and Gary helped with maintenance needs.  It was an amazing experience to see how a place like this could be run so well with great leaders and care givers.  God’s love shined through the many aunties and workers and the kids seemed genuinely healthy and happy.  If you are ever looking for a place to donate to orphans we highly recommend Ministry of Mercy. As with any journey in Nigeria, our road trip also had other adventures: car break downs, rough roads and road construction, crazy driving, various types of checkpoints, daring eating, and lots of prayer (see pictures)!

Finally, we had 4-year-old Selnan stay with us for 10 days while his orphanage parents took a rest.  Jordan, Cypress and Isabell were awesome big sisters while he transitioned from a loud home with kids everywhere to our quiet, teen girl only house.

As we close, we humbly share that we are in financial need.  Living expenses here are much higher than when we began living here (50% cost of living increase in 5 years),  various items that are simply wearing out from the harsh environmental conditions here and need to be replaced, an we try to donate and loan money to our Nigerian friends whose needs exceed our own.  Kimberly is also trying to attend a ‘Thrive‘ Woman’s retreat in October to seek counseling and rest from ministering in a high stress environment.

If you feel  led to support our family monthly, or with a one-time gift for Kimberly’s retreat  and/or other “one-time” expenses, please send a check to Camano Chapel with ‘Payne family‘ designated.  They also offer automatic monthly giving.  Thank you to everyone who has sacrificially and consistently supported us for years beyond expectations and for the many other ways you encourage and support us.  If you have questions about our needs, or want more details, please feel free to contact us!

As always, God is so good and we trust in His provisions.

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