13 July 2014

13 07 2014

GP & KP May 2014.pdfI am not a big fan of reposting things, especially not both on Facebook and here on our blog, but 10 Things Missionaries Don’t Tell You Enough is well written and expresses it better than I would! Thanks for taking the time to keep up with our lives and ministry over the 5+ years we have been here in Nigeria, and most especially for your ongoing prayers, support and encouragement!




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13 07 2014
Linda Valentine

Hi Gary and Kimberly, Bart just recently told me about your work in Nigeria. I had no idea you were over there. It must be so fascinating. What guts that must have taken to take on a mission like that. Well – for me it would have taken guts! I’ve been reading your posts and am learning a lot. Nothing much to say on my end. I was reading the “Ten things missionaries don’t tell you enough” and read word from home reminds you that people from all over are interested in what you are doing for others. I just can’t conceive of what all you have done and continue to do. So great. We forget in the states how easy life is for us. It’s good to be reminded not to take it for granted. I’ve gotten married since the last time we all were together. Hence – Brackett became Valentine! My hubby and I still dive, although not as much in the past few years but we’re getting back into it. Too many years of running and I need new knees so that has slowed me down a bit. I’m working at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. I provide the quality oversight for a cell therapy facility. I don’t work directly with patients but I provide the end point oversight for their cell therapy (T-cell and umbilical cord). Pretty cool stuff going on in that area. I like being back so close to the science. Kind of lost that in the big biotech companies. Still living on the houseboat. We’ll never give that up! We traveled to Africa last year on safari. Went to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and ended in Cape Town. What an incredible experience. Of course the animal viewing was spectacular but I was so touched by the amazing people we met along the way. Again – do we really need all this “stuff” in the states to make us happy??!! NO – but of course I have it all anyway 😦 I’m trying to find my passion here. I’m not much for religion but I know I can help others in some way if I just find something that connects to me. You’ve inspired me to make a better effort to look outside of my life to what I can do for others – thanks for that!

Keep up all that you’re doing and I’ll keep reading the posts!

Linda (Brackett)Valentine Dive club

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