Puddle Video

30 04 2009

After it rained (hard) yesterday afternoon, the girls had fun playing outside, getting wet and muddy, splashing (and even sitting) in the BIG puddles. Cypress noticed that the big puddle outside the elementary school classrooms was shaped like Africa, and even included Madagascar, although you’ll notice that it’s on the wrong side of the continent! And Kimberly went down to play soccer against the HS girls team. It’s difficult to find other organized girls soccer teams. They had to wait for the lightning to pass over before commencing play on the muddy, soggy field!


Pix April 30

30 04 2009

April 25

26 04 2009

We hear of warmer weather in the Pacific Northwest.   Praise the Lord!  We are having a variety of weather which has been fun.  Cool windy days mixed in with hot humid days, and then rain, thunder and lightning like I have never seen before.  A few nights ago, we turned out all the lights (by choice) and watched lightning for an hour.  Amazing!  I have since learned that Jos is one of the largest lightning strike zones in the world because of the composition of the rocks and being high on a plateau.  I don’t know the accuracy of this, but we won’t be playing outside in these lightning storms.  In fact, we have also been warned to unplug everything if the storm passes directly overhead.  Light bulbs and light sockets are prone to blow out when there are lightning strikes that manage to send surges through the power lines…

There is a fuel shortage (apparently due to a recent strike, now over) in our area which creates a shortage on taxis.  Since many Nigerians rely on taxis for transportation, they are having trouble getting around.  The lines at gas stations are hours long, and some stations are closed because of no fuel.    Also the price of gas has risen. No matter what the cause, it is sad and frustrating in a country rich with oil.   *One of these days we will post a picture of a taxi sedan filled with at least 10 people!  The echabas (motorcycles) will pile 4 or 5 people.  Unbelievable until you see it! Read the rest of this entry »

Rain Video

19 04 2009

I upgraded our blog account so I can upload video, since I wanted to post this one of Cypress enjoying one of the first rain storms we had a couple of weeks ago! When it rains here, it often comes down hard like this for 15+ minutes, and may be accompanied by lightening and thunder. We’ve enjoyed some great lightening shows during the evening! It’s nice because it cools off the air for at least awhile, until the sun comes out again and then it gets hot and humid (again).

April 9-14

15 04 2009

It’s hard to believe we are only 6 weeks away from the end of the school year! Last weekend (Easter) was a long weekend, with Good Friday and Monday both days off from school.

Gary has been very busy the past few weeks practicing/playing bass for the school play, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!”. On Monday the kids came from Rafiki to watch the first dress rehearsal, and on Tuesday the Hillcrest elementary students watched the second dress rehearsal. There are double parts cast for some of the roles (Lucy, Sally and Snoopy), so the casts alternate performances. There are four performances this week, Wednesday through Saturday evenings. We are excited to watch the performances on both Wednesday and Saturday so we can see both casts!

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Pix April 9-14

15 04 2009

Africa Tidbits

9 04 2009

We had our first giant, gross bug in the house…a cockroach. It probably came up through the bathroom pipes while we were gone for a few days. Yuck! Then the rains came and bugs are increasing daily! We try to keep them out of the house, but it’s a challenge. A beetle dropped on to me yesterday while lying in bed.

There is a missionary family who lives on a college compound on the outskirts of town. The college has not kept up paying the electricity bill so they turned off all power to the compound. She has been coming over to iron her clothes; not for the wrinkles, but to kill the eggs laid by the mango worm fly when clothes are hung out to dry. Mango worms imbed into the skin of people and animals. Lovely!

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