Pool Party!

25 01 2011

Just before our Christmas break we tagged along with our friends at Back to Back Ministries and took a group of kids from a local orphanage to the swimming pool for swimming and lunch.  We had received a  gift from friends at home that sparked the idea for this fun afternoon.  The water was freezing, but the kids were brave and had a great time splashing around.  Planning ahead,  B2B had a bag of donated swim suits for the kids.   A delicious lunch was served, giving the kids had a chance to eat something different besides what they usually receive at the orphanage.  These kids need so much love and attention it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  Jordan, Isabell and Cypress  had a great time hanging out with them.  At the end we gave them stuffed animal presents donated by our kids from their stuffed animal families, telling them how much Jesus loves them.  It was precious to see how much they loved their gifts, and we enjoyed seeing the reaction in the girls to how much their gifts were treasured.  It showed them in a very real way how blessed we are and that we can make a difference to people in need.    Our hearts were touched hard by Suzanne who had recently arrived at the orphanage from a traumatic experience.  She hadn’t talked yet, but she held on tightly to our hands, and by the end of the day she was smiling.

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10 January 2011

10 01 2011

We have lots to share as we try to start our second semester at Hillcrest. The government recently mandated that all schools remain closed until February 1st in order to be available for voting and voter registration facilities. In order to give our students the necessary hours of instruction and credits they need, we are being challenged on how to teach by correspondence! For the next 2 weeks we will be trying to teach through distributing learning materials through weekly handouts and the electronic media that is available to us.

We know many of you are hearing news of Jos. We appreciate your prayers for peace in this city. Know that we are in a safe, well-protected compound. We are well-instructed on what we need to do if danger approaches our area. Because we are guests in this country, we have to be careful about what information we put out on electronic media. Our blog posts and emails will not have details or opinions about what is going on. Keep in mind however, that the media exaggerates what is happening and simplifies the reasons. If you are interested in the history and better explanations of the violence here, email us and we will point you toward written articles that are more researched than BBC or CNN.

On a lighter note, we had a great time visiting our friends in the village (last blog) and then camping in a National Park on a beautiful river with hippo, crocodile, baboons, and monkeys. This was our first camping experience in Nigeria and we loved it. There were no amenities…just us, God’s creation and everything we crammed in our car! We borrowed a 4 wheel drive Land Cruiser to navigate the rough roads and cross the river (a bit nerve-racking, but fun). We got lots of sun, relaxation, bug bites, scrapes and cuts from the rocks, survived invasion of our camp by red ants, and thankfully avoided crocodile bites!

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