14 Mar 2010

14 03 2010

Sometimes it is very hard to convey in words what we want to share about serving in Nigeria and this is one of those times.

Jos is still ‘in crisis’ meaning that the city is tense, people are angry, frustrated, discouraged, and as the news has reported, some are dangerous and violent.  However, please remember that the media does not take the time to get the complete story for any number of reasons. Instead you are getting reports which almost always point to religious differences as the culprit, which is a very simplistic view of a complex, deep-rooted situation.

It is often through challenges and tribulations that we most clearly see God working in amazing ways. One of the most recent examples was this past week, when a women’s peace march drew hundreds of women from throughout Jos. They marched 10 km (6 miles) from the state government buildings to the governor’s offices, passing in front of Hillcrest School.  It was a powerful statement of how people are feeling. They sang songs of both praise and mourning, and expressed their point peacefully through signs and tears.

We are so thankful for all the prayers and encouragement coming our way! We definitely are in need as it is hard to experience these things up close and personal.  We know some of you are worried and wonder why we are still here.  We have asked ourselves the same question at times, but we still feel very strongly that we were (and are still) called to be here.  We are not trying to be tough, courageous, or examples for anyone else.  We are listening and praying, and believe we will also know when/if we are called to leave. God does not call us to lives of comfort and peace, but to lives of obedience and trust.




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16 03 2010
Clem family

Hi Kim, Gary, and girls~ we are happy as always to hear from you on this blog, and see your pictures. The march is amazing to see. So thankful for your safety and also the Crouch’s. Can’t wait to see you~ Jennifer, Roger, and kids

15 03 2010
B.A. Smith

Thank you for your honesty and commitment to the Lord’s call to be in Nigeria at this time.

I am a fellow employee at SVC.

Also, I served as a short term missionary with the Rafiki Foundation at the Rafiki Village in Jos in 2005.

Praying for you all, B.A. Smith

15 03 2010
Pastor Mich

Thanks for your updates, Gary and Kimberly. I know that what you said in your recent update, you meant it! Thank you for allowing God to use you as you follow His call upon your lives in missions. We are all looking forward to seeing you this summer as you return to the states for some R & R. Be assured of our prayers for your safety, your ministry, and a peaceful resolve to the unrest there in Jos. Give the kids a hug from us.

15 03 2010
Rhonda Turski

Thank you so much for your recent post. Your words are such a powerful testimony to those of us who sit here in the comfort of our homes-free from such fear. I think of you & your dear sweet children often and I can only praise God for you that you are so willing to “trust & obey”. Thank you for your faithfulness in “such a time as this”.
Psalm 34:4,7,8,17,22-I sought the Lord & He heard me,& delivered me from all my fears.The Angel of The Lord encamps around all those who fear Him,& delivers them. Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! The righteous cry out & The Lord hears,& delivers them out of all their trouble. And none of those who trust in Him shall be condemned.
May God greatly bless you,
Rhonda Turski

15 03 2010
Amy Grannum

Love and prayers to all of you!!!!!!!!
Amy & Family

15 03 2010
Judi Seegert

Thanks again, for your perspective and solid example of a couple led by God. Jim mentioned the Women’s Peace March. It was most impressive to see pictures of it. I was struck by all the black clothing worn by the women. Women in Nigeria are usually so colorfully dressed. This dramatic change in dress added and exclamation point to their message. Our prayers continue!!! Love you, Judi

14 03 2010
Kris Kramer

Wow, the last paragraph was well said. All we can do is follow God’s calling on our lives.

14 03 2010
Carrie Cabe

Hi to the Paynes, It was good to hear you are safe as well as Jim,Salome and Janel. We had a birthday dinner here last evening for Abel and were talking about you all.( My southern influence). You are in our prayers and pray for your safety. May God’s blessings rain down upon you.

14 03 2010
Amy Perkins

Thank you for this letter, we are so glad to hear from you and know you are still safe. As often as you are thought of throughout the day, your names are mentioned to God in prayer. Great to see the photos of the womens peace march! At breakfast after church today with Reiny & Marlys, and Roald & Mary Anne, we spoke of you, so know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Amy

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