21 Jan 2010

21 01 2010

Today is the fifth day of the latest crisis in Jos.  We are more relaxed today than the previous days and I thought I would try to write about our experience from inside the 8 foot cement walls of our guarded compound.  In other words, we are safe here, but it didn’t change the tension and stress that we felt as it happened around us.

As the news of violence and destruction filtered in, I became very discouraged at how human beings can treat each other.  The news immediately labels these conflicts as Muslim vs. Christian, but it is really more complicated than that, involving issues related to tribes, land, power, poverty and hopelessness.  Most faithful Muslim and Christian people are frustrated and saddened knowing people are using violence in the name of God.  Nigerians will frequently apologize to us for the actions of their people.

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Iboko Fire Video

3 01 2010