Pix 25-31 January

31 01 2009

25-31 January

31 01 2009

Jordan told us a story that warmed our hearts and we wanted to share it with you!

Her class was out at the track working on long jumping.  They were learning to take a hop, skip then jump into the sand pit.  Her friends Elizabeth and Skyler began singing “I’m just a hop, skip and a jump away, from seeing you…”  from ‘Who Me’ by the Crouch’s.  They had learned it and performed it at the missionary conference we came to last year.  Jordan had learned it from the play performed at Camano Chapel in November 2007.  One of the girls hadn’t even been at the conference.  She had learned it from her friend who sang it over and over for months!  ‘Who Me’ lives on! Read the rest of this entry »

Week 2 Pix

25 01 2009

Life in Nigeria

25 01 2009

We couldn’t ask God for a better welcome, a great first 10 days at school for the girls, a more complete library collection than Gary expected, and beautiful weather. It feels great to finally be settling in here after 8 months of planning and preparation. However, it is also very hard as we miss home and miss people! Life is so different here with cooking, shopping, the driving, curfew, and a long school day with homework afterward (with homeschooling we were always done by 4 pm). I am still adjusting to not having my kids with me all day. There are positives to that too, but I miss them. I am proud of how well we are all doing, but we want to be honest with you…we have our hard moments too; tears, breakdowns, arguing, frustration, but those moments will probably follow us wherever we go!

Some other highlights from our week: Read the rest of this entry »

Week 1 Pix

16 01 2009

Some picture from our first 10 days in Jos…enjoy!

Settling in

16 01 2009

Thank you for checking in on our blog. We love all the prayers, responses and comments! We have seen pictures and heard of the flooding in the Northwest and Stanwood. We are praying for all of you too! Read the rest of this entry »


9 01 2009

This is our first entry from Jos, Nigeria!

Our journey here went smoothly and the kids did great traveling despite very little sleep during the first flight from Seattle to London. We were able to walk around in London a bit but it was very cold! Cypress wanted to see Buckingham Palace so we took the Tube and walked through Hyde Park to get there.

In Abjua all our boxes were waiting for us. We thought something had broken in one box because it rattled as we loaded it on the luggage cart, but when we unpacked it, we found it was just Legos that had spilled! The inventory lists our Bible study group friends did were awesome (and thanks for all your little notes of encouragement we’re finding as we unpack boxes!). When customs started to question us about our boxes, we quickly produced the lists for them, and they only checked 3 boxes , then let us go. Read the rest of this entry »