Iboko Fire Video

3 01 2010

Dec 2009 Music Recital

15 12 2009

Jordan and Cypress have been taking music lessons from high school students for the past few months. On December 9th, there was a recital after school by many of the kids who take lessons from various music teachers in the community.  Jordan’s piano teacher (Jordan!) is accompanying Cypress for her violin piece at the recital, and Cypress’ teacher is one of his younger sisters.

Tiv Dancers

22 11 2009

Chimpazee Video

23 08 2009

I’ve been trying to upload this video for awhile, it’s a bit larger than most of the ones I’ve posted, so it has often  stalled while loading. These chimps are at the Drill Ranch we visited this summer in SE Nigeria. It was fun to watch them, but you needed to stay well back from the fence so you wouldn’t get hit by things they tend to throw at visitors. We dodged the coconut husk that came our way, and fortunately they didn’t throw anything else (or worse)!

Playing @ Alifopka

20 07 2009

When we visited Alifopka village, the kids tried to teach the village children how to play tag. It ended up being more about chasing each other around, since the concept of having one person being “It” didn’t quite make sense to them, but thay all had fun anyway!

Okuku Market

7 07 2009

This is a local village market in the town of Okuku, in SE Nigeria.  We often end up being a center of attention, which can be a bit overwhelming at first.

ECWA Kibbyah Village Worship

3 07 2009

Last Sunday, June 28, we were invited to attend church in the village of Kibbyah where our friends with Back2Back Ministries are working. It’s about 15 minutes outside of Jos, back off the main road on a dirt road. The church service is mostly in Hausa, although parts of it (including the sermon) were translated into English for us. The church  is a small, simple building without electricity. We were warmly and officially welcomed by the pastor at the beginning of the service, and John was asked to introduce us. It is amazing (and powerful) to be part of a church worship halfway around the world and realize that we are among God’s family no matter where (or how) we worship! FYI…in Nigerian churches, their are typically multiple offerings, each for a different church group/ministry, and each one is accompanied by singing, dancing and music as people come forward to place their offering in the baskets. At the end of the service, John was asked to pray for rain for the crops, and it rained long and hard later Sunday afternoon and again as we headed out on our week-long adventure to SE Nigeria.