25 October 2012

25 10 2012

Last May, we ran a 6-Hour relay to raise money for Beautiful Gate, who makes wheel chairs for those in need.  From the money given, 60 wheelchairs were constructed. Two weeks ago, Ayuba came to our weekly MS/HS chapel service and presented 8 wheelchairs, and last week during our October break,  we were invited to attend the ceremony where they presented the rest of the wheelchairs to disabled people from rural villages.  There were representatives from the Plateau State department responsible for services to the disabled (a relatively new department here, and one of the first in Nigeria) and the state media services present. As the organizer of the event that had raised money for these particular chairs, Kimberly was also invited up to speak! It is a huge privilege for them to receive these wheel chairs because it provides them mobility to take care of themselves, help care for their families, and have an opportunity for education and work.  Many of you in the U.S. contributed and we wanted to share the joy of the recipients and our joy of being a part of it all.  Thank you!

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17 June 2012

17 06 2012

Our school year has officially ended and we are ready for a break!  It has been a physically and emotionally demanding year.  We praise God for several months of peace in Jos and that our school year did not have more interruptions.  The end of each year means saying goodbye, but this year seemed to have a lot of families retiring and moving out of Nigeria.  We are feeling a bit raw as families we love move on.

Highlights from our school year:


  • many opportunities to play worship music and having Jordan join us on keyboard this year
  • being part of the 2012 Class graduation as a sponsor and watching them finish well
  • watching the girls participate in some new activities (sports) this year (and enjoy it)
  • having good senior play and musical productions thanks to a hard-working sound crew


  • the school yearbook designed well by students and printed successfully
  • painting human hearts in red and blue outside on the tennis courts in health class
  • a student sincerely thanking me for the final exam because she did well!
  • discipleship with boisterous and lively sixth grade girls


  • having fun in sports
  • receiving the ‘Most Improved’ award for girls soccer
  • competing in the 800 & 1500m races on the track team
  • running the 1500 in 6:23 at the last track meet


  • the bacteria lunch in Science class with yogurt, croissants, and chocolate
  • the hamburger paragraph party in English class


  • Elementary field day with teams competing in fun games like water toss and obstacle course.
  • Having a senior girl take interest in her and sew her beautiful dresses.

We all participated in a 6-hour relay to benefit a local wheel chair ministry.  We each took turns with our teams to run a mile.  Six teams raised over $3500 which will build at least 30 wheel chairs and allow kids who were stuck at home to go to school.

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02 April 2011

2 04 2011

It’s been challenging the past couple of months to find time to update our blog and keep in touch with everyone. We had a couple of months of challenges with our power supply, and with all the surges and extended outages we experienced, the power supplies (chargers and batteries) for the school network took a severe beating and were damaged. The past few weeks  our power situation has improved, but the network is limping along until we can replace all the chargers and batteries, and is only powered up until 5pm on school days and for 3 hours on Saturday afternoon.

Here are some pictures from the past two months…Valentine’s Day Lunch hosted by the Senior class, Elementary and Middle Field Day, and the annual Carnival hosted by the Sophomore class. Jordan’ elective classes this semester have included a Language Acquisition class (taught by a Wycliffe-trained translator) and beginning woodworking class…be sure to check the examples of her work in the slideshow pix.

As we enter the month of April, elections are taking place over the next 3 Saturdays  beginning today. Please continue to pray with us that the elections will be peaceful, and the results valid and fair so that Nigeria can move forward  in a positive manner.

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5 04 2009

It rained yesterday, and not just a few sprinkles, but several downpours that thundered on the tin roof in the chapel where we were rehearsing “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” this year’s HS musical theater production.  Accompanied by extended thunder and lightening (2+ hours), it was almost deafening and nearly drowned out the actors’ speaking and singing. Some of the teachers actually have a list of activities the students can do by themselves if the sound of the rain on the roof gets too loud to talk/hear over.

The coming of the rain is a time of rejoicing, with people often dashing outside to dance joyfully in the first rainstorm! The air turned cool and fresh, washing the dust out of the air. And for the rest of the afternoon and evening, the scent of rain and the cool breeze reminded us of Camano Island and the beautiful Pacific Northwest…so much that the girls put on sweatshirts, and even dug out flannel pajama pants because they were chilly.

It hasn’t rained since we were awakened by a passing shower pelting on the metal roof during the middle of the night, but it has been mostly cloudy today with only a short period of clearing during midday. It has also warmed back up and is much more humid, but not as hot as it has been for the past several weeks. And as evening is approaching, the clouds have built up again, looking dark and heavy with rain. With the additional humidity the dishes didn’t even completely dry as they usually do when we leave them in the dish drainer by the sink overnight.

We are looking forward to seeing everything green, but not as excited about the increase in bug life!