5 October 2011

5 10 2011

Last week was a time of celebration here: Along with  celebrating Nigeria’s 51st year of independence (1 October) , we also celebrated a birth! On Monday (26th), Kuwi, one of the young women who works for us, gave birth to a daughter. Her English name is Lois, after Timothy’s grandmother in the Bible. She also has a tribal name which I won’t attempt to spell here. Since this Monday was a public holiday in celebration of Nigerian Independence Day, we took the opportunity to go meet the new baby. Fortunately for me, the naming ceremony was held on Monday morning prior to our visit, so I was allowed to join Kimberly and the girls on their visit, rather than just being the driver! As you can see from the pictures, Lois was bundled up quite warmly in her beautiful handmade sweater, blanket and hat, even though it was about 80+ degrees outside. They believe that babies need to be kept warm while they are small, which is sometime hard to see when we are sweating in the heat!

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10 10 2011
Bill and Lauri Lee

What an incredible experience. Just like Haiti. They like to wrap the babies warm. Congratulations to the new mom. Love you guys

Bill and Lauri Lee

7 10 2011
Janet Schramm

Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing with us. We are going to the Harvest Fest in Everson this weekend. caramel apple pie and icecream. Congratulations to baby Lois’ family. Love and God bless all of you!!

6 10 2011
Carrie C

Hello Paynes, Thanks for the update,it’s always good to hear from you. I can’t believe how warmly baby Lois is dressed. I sometimes think we should dress our babies warmer but not quite that warm. Do take care and enjoy. Carrie

6 10 2011
Clem family

Wowwowwow! That’s really cool! What an experience for your family!

6 10 2011

Little Lois is so precious!! thank you for your updates! we miss you and send you our love and prayers!! (Molly (Justice) and Jennifer (Gray) Halililo – just had babies. Molly had a baby girl, named Tori and Jennifer a little boy, Alan) – being on facebook you probably knew that … babies all over!! Gifts from heaven!! Love to you! Lisa

6 10 2011

Kathleen Thanks for the pictures, love your blog. Brings back great memories and feelings of love. Blessings

5 10 2011
Pastor Mich

Love the pictures…and thanks for the update. Good to hear from you guys.
-Pastor Mich

5 10 2011

Welcome to baby Lois into this world, and congratulations to her family.

Thanks for sharing these pictures, it is such a fun time!

Hope you can continue to celebrate. We are into falling leaves and colors starting to show up a little rainy today.

Love to you all!

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