27 December 2010

27 12 2010

We have not been very good at posting on our blog, but a New Year is beginning and we plan on doing more.  Christmas break has been another great African experience.  We traveled 8 hours south to visit our missionary friends serving in a small village.  The drive is long, hot and bumpy but well worth it.  We  only had about 6 security stops throughout the trip which was nice after too many last road trip.  We give the men bottled water instead of money which they seem to appreciate.  Many Nigerians give money to avoid being hassled and delayed.

During our week in the village, our friend’s generator failed so we had no power for 3 days.  Then, they borrowed a generator so they could pump water into their water tanks and power up phones, computers, etc.  Their refrigerator uses kerosene but struggles to keep things cold.  It makes us appreciate all we have in the city of Jos.   We actually enjoyed the time with no electricity!  We played games, ate by candlelight, read the Christmas story in the Gospel of Luke, had devotional time and relaxed!

Gary and I enjoyed jogging along trails and the village road, but we cause quite a stir among the people as two white people run down the road.

Christmas day we attended a small, local service at 8 am.  It was held in a garage like structure (see pictures below).  In the afternoon village kids dress up in their nicest clothes and go from house to house for handouts (reminds us of trick-or-treating).  Most families give rice for them to eat, but at Aunt Wilma’s house they get candy canes and 20 naira (about 15 cents).  Cypress, Isabell and Jordan helped hand out the treats and also gave them silly bands.  For the next few days the village kids came back to play with the girls which touches my heart watching them interact together.  They are seeing firsthand how little these kids have in the way of ‘things’ and how much we have and don’t really need.

While away, we heard about an attack on a church in Jos on Christmas Day!  Heartbreaking, but unfortunately there are still very angry people who want to carry out revenge.  We and the majority of people in Jos continually cry out to God for peace in this city.

We have also posted the letter that we emailed out to our prayer and financial supporters about staying in Nigeria until 2013.

We wish you all a joyous Christmas as we celebrate the wondrous gift of God’s love, grace, and salvation given to us through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.




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