17 Aug 2010

17 08 2010

School started a bit chaotically for teachers as the scheduling program failed and the on-line network was down the day before classes.  We began with no class lists and lots of scheduling changes.  Only half of the contents of the container of materials ordered by the school in June arrived.  The other half is being held up in Abuja with no idea why or when it will arrive.  Maybe this happens easily/regularly in other schools too?   We take it in stride and handle the chaos with a good attitude (hopefully!).  Intense thunderstorms (VERY LOUD) and close lightning strikes welcomed us to the new school year.   We are deep in rainy season and the air is always thick with humidity.  Nothing dries completely and clothes feel a tad damp when you put them on.   Temperatures are in the 70’s.  It can drop to high 60’s and feel cold when wind and rain whip through.  Then it can be in the 80’s when the sun shines mid afternoon.

The girls are excited to be back in school and it is good for all of us to have a schedule again.  We believe a great year is in store for us.  Sunday’s message challenged the Hillcrest staff to prepare these students for service in a dark world.  We are not here to shelter or to huddle but to equip for service in God’s kingdom.

On the home front…we moved into a bigger house and each person has their own room.  It is slowly feeling more like home and less and less like the family’s home who used to live here.  We miss them a lot!  We moved in with their animals; a cat and dachshund; so with our giant German Shepherd puppy we have filled our bigger house (maybe 1200 square feet) with animals.  Our new neighbors (our houses are separated by a wall) have 3 girls in grades 9, 6 & 5.  Jordan, Cypress and Isabell are in grades 8, 5 & 3, so fun is close at hand.

We hope to update you a bit more often as the year progresses.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!




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24 08 2010
Marian Kallicott

Thank you so much for the updates! I love hearing about your adventures. Even though I didn’t get to see you much this summer you were in my thoughts and prayers=) Enjoy a new year with your furry friends in a bigger house…have to say it cracked me up that you said everyone had their own rooms~hopefully you are still married and in the same room=)

17 08 2010
Pastor Mich

Gary, Kimberly and girls;
Hi guys. It was great seeing you this summer and I’m glad to learn that you arrived back to Jos safely and are getting settled back into another year at Hillcrest. The weather back on Camano Island has been surprisingly hot (mid 90’s), but promising to cool down to the 80’s this week. I love the pics you sent of the new friends / new dog. You have a great family and God is using you to share His love with the students and staff at Hillcrest. Be assured of our ongoing commitment to your family and to the ministry He’s called you to. Once again…it was great having you home this summer.

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