21 Mar 2010

21 03 2010

We started out the week with a torrential rain storm, complete with thunder and lightning; winds that knocked branches out of trees;  rivers of red muddy water overflowing the concrete drainage ditches and flowing 6-12″ deep down the streets in places. Everything comes to a standstill during storms like that!  Then we had two more days of rainstorms before we awoke to the thickest harmattan (very fine dust from the Sahara) we have had this year. Even with the windows closed, it seeps into the house and coats everything with a layer of dust. After you wipe up the dust, it will look like you haven’t done anything within about 4 hours! For the past few days, we have avoided running, since it will make your throat sore and cause you to cough the rest of the day. It does bring cooler weather, which has been a relief from the heat we were having. It’s amazing how quickly the weather/temperature can change here.

With the days of school missed, we have been busy trying to fit in all the activities that had to be postponed. The elementary school had their annual field day two Fridays ago, followed by Carnival Day, hosted by the Grade 10 class every year. Once you are assigned to be a class sponsor, you move along w/ the class each year, so I am one of the Grade 10 sponsors, having been assigned to Grade 9 when I arrived last January. It was a *very* busy day, starting w/ setup @ 8am, carnival events from 11am-4pm, and trying to get cleanup done before the 6pm curfew. Access and security were tighter this year, due to recent events, but we still sold over 500 tickets within the school community, and everyone seemed to be enjoying a day of fun, fellowship and food.

Last Thursday also brought the annual Spelling Bee for Grades 4 and 5. Usually students from Kent Academy (out in Miango) come to be part of it, but this year it was just Hillcrest School students. 12 kids from each class competed, and Cypress was quite pleased to be one of three third place finishers, making it to the 13th round (of 15 total rounds).

The week finished up with a 2 day track meet with another school on Friday and Saturday, and the annual Grade 8 Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning (yum!). The biggest highlight of the track meet for me was watching the Hillcrest School boys running the 800m heat gather ALL the runners into a circle for prayer before starting the race…God’s powerful love in action!

We are thankful for your prayers for continued safety within the mission and school community as we rest in the assurance that this is where God wants us for now, trusting in His love, care and grace.




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11 04 2010
Kris Kramer

Thinking of you guys tonight. Praying that you are safe and resting in Christ.

24 03 2010
carrie cabe

Dear Paynes, Godd to hear from you. Sounds like life is busy as usual. The pictures are great. Sounds like Harmattan is in full swing right now. Continuing to keep you in our prayers and really enjoy hearing from you. Greet the Crouch’s for me.

24 03 2010
Erika Callies

Maybe you need some Pledge! Cypress that is awesome you did so well, keep up the good work. Miss you all and hope all is going great. Erika

23 03 2010
Karen McMillan

I am glad to see that things are settling for you all. I continue to pray for your safety. Your new pictures posted look like fun, the races and all.
blessings, Karen

23 03 2010
buck nunn

Thank you for the update, it is always good to hear from you. We continue to pray for your safety and peace to all of Jos. Looking forward to your visit.
lv ya
buck & jo

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