Dec 2009 Music Recital

15 12 2009

Jordan and Cypress have been taking music lessons from high school students for the past few months. On December 9th, there was a recital after school by many of the kids who take lessons from various music teachers in the community.  Jordan’s piano teacher (Jordan!) is accompanying Cypress for her violin piece at the recital, and Cypress’ teacher is one of his younger sisters.




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27 12 2009
Rhonda Turski

Please tell both the girls that their recitals were just beautiful and I enjoyed them very much. They have grown so. What lovely little ladies they are!!!
Rhonda Turski

18 12 2009
Amy Perkins

How wonderful to hear both girls playing their instruments so well. Congratulations girls on a performance well done after lots of practice.
“Be thou my vision” was sung at my son’s wedding a few years ago.
Hope your Christmas is blessed in the Lord. I am turning my thoughts and actions to preparing for the big day now that I finally finished the charity dolls for this year. We are looking forward to attending church with my son and his wife this Sunday, though we’ll miss being at the chapel that day. What will you be eating for Christmas dinner?
Love, Amy Perkins

18 12 2009
Don and Gail Barrett

Greeting to the Payne Family..
I am so impressed at how clear and precise your videos are of the girls recital. I felt like I was there in the audience. Chapel now has a great addition to their worship team in the future. Girls, how did those locusts taste? Yikes.
We are very proud and thankful that who heeded to God’s calling in Nigeria.
I am sure that it is not always easy, lots of challenges.
You are to be commended for your great communications skills, it is such a help when praying and then also to visualize what you are doing.
Love to all of you and a Merry Christmas with God’s many blessings on you..Don and Gail Barrett…

17 12 2009
James Headrick

Great job Jordan and Cyrpress, you did awesome!
Be thou my vision is one of my favorite songs and Jordan did a fantastic job on it. I can tell she has been practicing. I am sharing it on facebood, hope you don’t mind.

Merry Christmas you guys, miss you all.

P.S. Any snowfall in Nigeria?

17 12 2009
carrie cabe

Hey Jordon, Great job and you also Cypress. Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks so much for the card. I feel like I’m a part of Nigeria again when I hear from you,brings back good memories.

16 12 2009
Lori Fekkes

Wow. Those were great! They have both advanced so much. Jordan, that song had SO many key changes – sounded pretty complicated. You looked so relaxed, however. The violin seems so difficult to play – I’m impressed, Cypress. Good job, both you girls. I love to listen to your songs.
Kimberly – they both look so much older. Makes me sad. Excited, too, somehow. Thinking of you guys, Lori

16 12 2009
Pastor Mich

Cypress and Jordan — Great job! I watched the two videos today of you playing at your Christmas recital and wow, was I impressed. You both must have practiced, practiced, practiced! Thank you for working so hard on your instruments. When you get back to the states it won’t be too long before you’re up on the stage at Camano Chapel and participating in the worship team. Love you guys (you too Isabell) and hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas in Nigeria!

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