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30 11 2009





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2 03 2010
Bill Wayland

It was great getting your blog and seeing the pictures and getting an update on what is happening. We are excited to see you growing and learning to trust the Lord in the difficult times.

We are looking forward to the summer when we get to see your whole family for a while. It will be great for us to have you so close as you stay at rest haven. Tell the kids their bikes are there waiting for them to ride.

13 12 2009
Sandy Solis

I’m thinking I might serve locust to my boys for lunch one day this week and just see what their reaction is. 🙂 Leave it to the kids to be willing to try new things.

Enjoy reading your updates. It’s great that you are able to have the sort of discussion in your classrooms that challenge the kids to think and to explore God’s word. Kids certainly come up with great and, sometimes, difficult to answer questions.

It’s snowing lightly here today. Not really sticking yet but it’s supposed to tonight and tomorrow morning. It does make it seem like Christmas, or at least the Christmas they portray in all the movies.

Thank you again for taking the time to blog and keep us updated. We appreciate it and appreciate your family for doing the work God has called you to.

2 12 2009
Don Davis

Hmmmm….I didn’t see any CHEWING of those tasty locusts. Did that happen AFTER the picture?????? In Zaire/Congo, the kids would actually get let out of class to collect bright green yummy grasshoppers when the swarms would arrive in the area. Of course the teachers often required the kids to give a portion to the teacher later as a reward for getting out of class!! Hmmmm…. a bit of a kickback, eh???

1 12 2009
buck nunn

Thank you for the update. What a super topic and then have it move into the Bible class. It would be interesting to hear their comments after the finish the Bible course.

I also found it interesting there were no pictures of Mr & Mrs Payne having any locust. I do hope the kids got more than locust for Thanksgiving dinner.
(I understand they taste like chicken).

We put up the trees at church today (Monday) and some of the lights. Tomorrow the rest of the lights and start decorating then finish Wednesday (we hope).

Love the updates and love you guys (especially for your service)

buck & jo

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