30 Nov 2009

30 11 2009

Do you ever wonder if you are making a difference in God’s kingdom?  I have pondered that many times, and then God reminds me I am doing what He called me to and not to always be looking for end results.

Teaching high school is very tough.  Have I mentioned that a few times already?   There is such an interesting blend of students here.  The different cultures interacting with each other (English, Arab, Korean), the missionary kids, and then some wealthy (and sometimes spoiled) Nigerian kids.  They are the hardest to understand, having been served and having every need met throughout their lives.  Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier and more rewarding to serve the poor who may be more appreciative.

I have had some good interactions and discussions with kids, sometimes as a group, and a few one on one.

In Health class we were discussing mental illnesses.  After a discussion on suicide and a story with questions,  they answered the question  “If you commit suicide you will not go to heaven…agree or disagree.”  Many of the Nigerian teens answered ‘agree’ which surprised me.  After I consulted with our Bible teachers, we had a great discussion on sin, forgiveness, grace, and specifically why Jesus died for us.  It was animated and interesting.  I learned later, the topic moved into their Bible class and continued with their Bible teacher.    It is refreshing to have these kinds of discussions in a school setting.

Another time I was asked by a student  if we are ‘pushing Christianity’ on unwilling people by making all the kids take Bible class, since there are other religions at Hillcrest.  We had a good discussion on evangelism versus education.

Finally, one of my Nigerian students wrote me a note asking me to pray for her since she had been having a rough year and wanted a ‘fresh start’.  It touched me that she asked!

We are now into the topics that Health class is known for…reproduction, pregnancy, STD’s, & HIV/Aids.   I am truly being stretched and challenged!

They just finished their ‘Egg Baby Project’ where they took care of hard boiled eggs for 5 days and had to do various activities with them.  One activity was bringing their egg to the library for story time to listen to “The Emperor’s Egg” (about an emperor penguin) read by the  friendly school librarian, Mr. Payne.




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14 12 2009
Lydia Mosman

That was very intersting. It sounds as though God’s really using you in many diverse ways! Keep on pressing in. It’s so ecxciting to hear the news. How do I get a hold of Hannah?

Blessings to you all,

Lydia Mosman

30 11 2009
Amy Perkins

Wow, challenging classes for sure! The health class is a whole new sphere isn’t it?
So, did Cypress eat the locust or just hold it in her mouth? That’s as far as I would have gotten one!
Thank you for the update, it’s great to hear of your doings.

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