1 Nov 2009

1 11 2009
2nd graders

Grade 2 Multicultural Day

It’s been awhile since we have posted a blog…it’s been a bit busy for all of us keeping up with school days and activities!

The end of this week was filled with several social and cultural events, along with adjusting to life (and getting less sleep) with our new German Shepherd (we think!) puppy, Echo.

The Elementary school had their yearly Multicultural Day where the kids dressed up in traditional clothing or anything representing their home country.  Cypress dressed as Junie B Jones and Isabell as Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The kids had a “parade of nations” through the chapel, then performed songs and skits for each other. Following the chapel time, there was a performance by Nigerian Tiv dancers accompanied by drums and flute out on the basketball courts. There was also huge potluck lunch for all the kids and parents with foods from all the different represented countries.

We went to a ‘Hallelujah’  party with several other families complete with pumpkin carving, hide & seek for treats, costumes, and an “American” theme potluck, complete w/ grilled hotdogs, baked beans, potato salad, homemade potato chips and some yummy desserts.

We also went to a 2 year old birthday party which was different from any party I have been to before.  The kids were all outside and the adult women were all inside.  The families were Arabic (except me of course) and this was an opportunity to take off their robes and head scarves and get dressed up.   As one woman said, it was a chance ‘to let down their hair a little’.

Another time we were invited to the same home, just our family and theirs.  They are a Muslim family, where the father graduated from Hillcrest, and have had many other family members attend.   I asked why they chose to attend a Christian school and if it was confusing for them at a young age.  He said they are appreciative of the teaching they received about many different religions at Hillcrest.   He talked about the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity which was very helpful to me since I know little of Islam.  We also talked about Bible history and accuracy.  I felt a bit inadequate with my knowledge, but my short time in Bible Training Center helped.  It was a challenging but fun time of interacting and talking about God.   I admit, I was surprised by the many similarities of our faith, but I was shocked at the lack of assurance they have in their ‘performance’ in life and where they will spend eternity.  Their sins are cancelled out by good works and suffering in this life.  If the seesaw weighs too heavy in the wrong direction, the outcome is severe.  I left feeling sad for this wonderful family, yet God has shown me that we have a connection with them and I am excited to be His witness.   I am now reading ‘The Cross and The Crescent’ by Phil Parshall which has been a great source of understanding of Islam.




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1 12 2009
Pastor Mich

Great entry on your blog site, Kimberly. I always enjoy reading updates and catching up on what’s new in the Payne household. We’re thinking of you all the time, but especially during the holidays. God bless you as you walk in obedience to His calling on your lives. You remain in our prayers. Again…thanks for the update. Love those pictures…keep ’em coming. The girls are growing up!

23 11 2009

It’s great to hear your updates and experiences. Ironically you will probably come away with a better understanding of Islam than I have even though I witnessed my mom’s devout faith growing up.
Love to you all,

12 11 2009
buck nunn

Thank you for the blog updates, and the pictures. love them. It sounds like all of your day is full. My memory of the rivers is ‘there was not much water’, your pictures show lots and lots of water. Also the flowers are beautiful. I’m anxious to hear some of your stories. Sounds like the kids are really enjoying it there.
lv ya
buck & jo

6 11 2009
Amy Perkins

Great to hear from you again. Isabel, that’s a cute dog you’re holding and I don’t believe it is a wolf (Mary Anne Rasmussen’s comment!). Cypress, a cute hairstyle on you, did your Mom do it or a Nigerian? So Jordan do you like carrying things on your head or was that just for the photo? How come Mikey gets a latte?? How wonderful that the Muslim family has invited you to their home.
The holidays are rapidly approaching and we’re expecting a bunch of relatives to celebrate Thanksgiving at our home. Will you have a school get-together there?
Love, Amy

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