22 Sep 09

22 09 2009

We have had  a couple of extra days off from school this week due to a public holiday declared for Sallah (the end of Ramadan). We are thankful for the extra rest and that the past few days have remained calm here in Jos.

We have had several  requests to hear from the girls about their thoughts and experiences in Nigeria, so with some prompting we got the following input from them…

From Jordan

One of my favorite things about Nigeria is that we are so close to practically everything, where at home it took us longer to get to places. We are also able to play with friends more, especially on the weekends.            One thing I don’t like is the driving. Whenever we are out and about and then we come back to our compound I feel like I breathe a lot easier. I also miss milk!!! Too bad you can’t send it in the boxes you send us.

A memory I will never forget is when I saw this big bug. It was green with red stripes and it looked like a huge beetle. I called for my dad come look at it and when he saw it he thought it was so cool and went inside to get the camera. Now, Mikey the monkey was out and since we were standing around looking at it he came over and when he saw it, he ate it! I was so mad at him I could’ve screamed. Also, when he ate it, it made a crunching noise. Gross! Later, when I told my mom she just started laughing. It is pretty funny when I think about it though.

Even when I am missing home, God is showing me that he knows what is best and that he knows the bigger picture. I just need to be able to trust him.

One of the biggest parts of my life here is school at Hillcrest. Different from public schools, Hillcrest makes God a part of everything done. We pray before we start classes, we have chapel once a week and there is even discipleship offered after school once a week which my mom is teaching.

From Cypress:

My favorite thing about living in Nigeria is that almost everything is close by.

I rescued a bird with a broken wing with the help of my two friends.  We took care of it for 3 days, then our neighbor’s cat killed it.

God has taught me that I can always trust him.

Did you know that an elephant is so gentle that it will not hurt a chicken?

From Isabell:

“I love having lots of animals on our compound to pet.  I like having a playground right where we live.  I like library time and 2nd grade.  I like our house.”

And back to Kimberly & Gary…

It is interesting hearing their thoughts and perspectives.  Cypress is really into all the animals and their interactions.  We have had lots of drama with animals and she is a part of it all.  The latest excitement is a neighbor’s dog had 10 puppies and we witnessed her labor and birth.

Jordan is truly doing great and enjoying school and her new friends, but we both still have moments where we miss home a lot.   Jordan’s 12th birthday is next week and even though we are planning a fun party, it made her reminisce of home and her friends.

Isabell has done better than we expected.  We thought such a huge change could trigger some past behaviors but it has been minimal.  2nd grade has stressed her a bit with a tough teacher and more homework.  She has to work very hard at listening and following directions and she comes home very tired.

We all seem to like our small house, almost better than our bigger house at home.  Clutter happens faster, but being in close quarters creates a warm fuzzy feeling (most of the time).

This week we are having a Nigerian family over for dinner and I am more nervous than having a missionary family over.  It seems silly and I am not sure why…

Ministry is hard work…teaching, discipling (and parenting!) is intense, worthwhile and tiring.  We ask for prayer for strength and perseverance in a continually challenging environment.




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8 10 2009

I finally remembered to read your comments…it seems our life has been rather hectic this last month caused by the disruption of the kitchen remodel, the vacant rental to clean up and find new tenants for, the training and more training, and last but not least, the socializing with friends and family. Be sure to check out our blog for the final kitchen reveal!
Thanks girls for your input, it’s so good to know your thoughts and impressions. We are all wondering how it is for you, but it sure sounds like you all have a great positive attitudes and are enjoying your Nigerian adventure. We are proud of you all! Keep up the good work and know you are in our thoughts and prayers often. Love Grand-ma Mona

25 09 2009
Amy Grannum

Hello Payne’s!
Thanks for the blog updates.
They are wonderful!
Love and prayers to all of you!

24 09 2009
buck nunn

Thanks for the update. Your blog keeps the memories of Nigeria alive in me.
Thinking about it; I believe God put a BIG bug in front of you when we were there and that is why you had to go back. Pray for you often. Look forward to updates.
lv ya

22 09 2009
Pastor Mich

Hi guys. I enjoyed reading the girls comments and how they’re fitting into Nigerian life. I hope your 12th birthday is a good one, Jordan. You’re becoming a young woman. Cypress, you have such a tender and compassionate heart taking care of that bird with broken wing….until that ill-tempered cat ate it! 😦 Isabell, that was a clever comment you made about having so many animals around it’s like living in a playground of pets. That’s funny! We miss all of you back home. The weather today (Sept. 21) is going to be around 82 degrees. Unseasonably warm weather for late September. Have you been out to Miango to see my friend Emmanuel lately? Finally…Gary and Kimberly…you’re right when you say “ministry is hard work.” It can be exhausting at times with all of the relational challenges, schedules and demands. We are so proud of you and thankful to God to be able to partner with you in Great Commission activity. My prayer continues to be for your safety, health, family, ministry impact…in that order. In short…endurance! Once again…we love you all and continue to pray for God’s joy to reside in your hearts. Thanks for those periodic blog updates. Hugs to each of you…even Mikey the monkey.

22 09 2009
Karen McMillan

You are in our prayers. Loved the girls favorites. The bug story was great.You just never know when a monkey is hungry, I guess. Mikey must of thought you were telling him how special the bug was and he ought to try it.

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