Hiking @ Miango

11 09 2009

Since there have been a few comments/questions about the hiking pictures, here are some more details (and a few more pix) about our adventures. While we were on the Hillcrest Staff Retreat (28-30 August), we went for a hike in an area that is owned by NESCO, one of the main power companies here in Nigeria.  Along the river there is a canal constructed by NESCO  to reroute water from the river across the hillside for several kilometers where it then is dropped back through a large pipe into a turbine to generate electricity for the area. We started (and ended) the hike through tall elephant grass (4+ feet high), which is sharp and abrasive even just brushing up against it, and can cause deep cuts if you inadvertently grab onto and/or run your hand along the blades. Fortunately, as we continued along the canal we passed several Nigerians busy cutting back the tall grass  so when  it dries out during dry season it will not fall into the canal and clog up the gates and turbine pipe, but even though we didn’t have to trek through elephant  grass the entire hike our arms were irritated and itchy from the areas of tall grass we did have to pass through.

We crossed and walked along the canal several times on narrow concrete dikes ,  steel beams and sluice gates, some with rails, some without, some with loose bolts and boards that wobbled as you put your weight on them, some perched right on the edge of the canal with the water rushing along on one side and a steep dropoff on the other! Our turnaround point was about halfway down the pipe that carries the water from the canal down to the generator turbine, where the hillside grew considerably steeper and it was no longer possible to walk down the 5’ diameter pipe. We were perched on the edge of Jos Plateau, looking out over the green (for now!) expanse  in the distance. Along the main pipe there was the remains of an older, smaller diameter pipe which one of the adults and several boys decided to crawl through on the way back up the hillside. They reported the presence of several centipedes, bugs, and even one lizard that scurried along in front of them on their way through!




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17 09 2009

Thanks for more great pictures and keeping us up to date with your busy and fascinating lives. Glad to hear Jordan and Cypress are able to continue their music lessons. If you get a chance and your connection is working, take a look at what we’ve been up to on our blog. We’re busy in our own way, but not nearly as interesting as what you have been up to! The family went to Tom and Judy’s for the semi-annual get together. We missed having the kids around; it’s not nearly as much fun without them!

13 09 2009
Kris Kramer

Wow, Gary! …… All nighter “lock in”. All in the day’s (or night’s) work of a missionary! I admire you!

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