6 sep 09

6 09 2009

The first 5 weeks of the school year have gone by quickly! Kimberly has been adjusting to teaching, spending evenings and weekends prepping for upcoming health and yearbook classes, grading homework and tests, and co-leading Grade 7 girls discipleship once weekly.

In addition to weekly library visits and story times with Grades K-5, I have been  working with our Spiritual Life Coordinator (aka “Chaplain”!) to “ramp up” our school chapel time with worship music and video.  I am on the Spiritual Life Committee, since I am now “officially” in charge of sound, lights and video and have also starting training a group of 8-10 students so they can help to run sound, lights and video for  the numerous chapel and school events.

In the midst of our immersion into the daily “life” of Hillcrest School, we are both realizing how critical devotion, prayer and worship are in staying energized and focused on glorifying God through our many daily opportunities, interactions  and challenges with students, staff, parents and community.

Last weekend (28-30 Aug) was the annual Hillcrest School Staff Retreat, which served as a time for teachers, hostel parents and support staff to relax, fellowship, worship, pray and collectively “catch our breath” after the first 4 weeks of school.  We loaded up the school bus, van, and numerous personal vehicles and made the drive out to Miango Rest Home.  The Hillcrest Bible teacher was our speaker and he preached about “yoking” ourselves alongside Jesus to see the world and those around us with His eyes and heart.  He challenged us to seek the opportunities of unique “open doors” that God places before each of us because of our own life experiences.  We also had time to go hiking (a favorite missed activity)…be sure to check out the pictures of our adventure!

This week I also experienced being a chaperone for an all night StuCo (Student Council) “Lockin”. There were 100+ HS students on campus for various games, sports, dancing, movies, food and fellowship  throughout the night.  It reminded me of a day at Summer Breeze, although staying up and keeping track of all the kids all night after a full day in the library, along with fighting a cold the past few days made it a bit of challenge! I was thankful for our little espresso machine…the two extra lattes in the evening kept me going until my 4 hour nap Saturday morning!

Cypress and Jordan are excited to be starting music lessons again….hooray! Cypress is taking violin lessons from a 9th grade girl who plays violin quite well. Her mother is supervising the lessons, since this is the first time she has taught.  Jordan is taking piano from her older brother, another Jordan(!) who is in 11th grade and also a very talented (and multi-instrument) musician. He has taught beginning piano previously and is excited to teach a more advanced student.  We hope it will be a good fit for both of them.

Prayer Requests:

  • Health / healing
  • Open ears, minds and hearts for discipleship groups
  • Eyes and hearts to see our unique “open door” opportunities
  • Continued peace in Jos, Plateau State and throughout Nigeria

Thank you for all of your ongoing prayer, encouragement, support and comments!




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12 09 2009
Clem family

Thanks for the update! We’re glad to hear about all you’re doing. It sounds like you’re each finding your niche and are just as busy as you were here! 🙂 We miss you- Sadie had her birthday party here last night and Jordan’s name came up several times, all the girls were asking about her and why she couldn’t just hop on over for the party… 🙂

love from the Clem clan

10 09 2009
buck nunn

Thanks for the update. We were getting a little concerned because we had not heard anything from you or Crouches for a while. Good pictures. One of my fondest memories of Nigeria are the flowers and trees, along with the people (would love to go back).
We think of you often and look forward to the updates.
lv ya’
buck & jo

10 09 2009
Pastor Mich

Hi guys;
Great to hear from you again and to read about the updates on the blog site. Somehow I just knew that Gary would “drift” back into sound, light, video responsibilities at Hillcrest now that he’s on the Spiritual Life Committee. Hmmm? As far as the all-night lock in…I’m not so sure I could last all night any more. You’re a better man than I am, Gary. Cypress…great job on the violin lessons. Walt Werme would be so proud to know about this. Keep it up and we’ll put you on the Camano Chapel worship team when you return to the states. Sounds like you’re busy too, Kimberly, teaching, grading, and lesson planning. In addition to that a girls 7th grade discipleship too. Wow…super woman! We think of you often and send up an “arrow prayer” to the Lord asking for His protection, provision, and as you said, “open door opportunities” to share the love and message of hope found in Jesus.

We miss and love you all. Thanks for the blog update and pics.

In His grip,
Pastor Mich

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