Chimpazee Video

23 08 2009

I’ve been trying to upload this video for awhile, it’s a bit larger than most of the ones I’ve posted, so it has often  stalled while loading. These chimps are at the Drill Ranch we visited this summer in SE Nigeria. It was fun to watch them, but you needed to stay well back from the fence so you wouldn’t get hit by things they tend to throw at visitors. We dodged the coconut husk that came our way, and fortunately they didn’t throw anything else (or worse)!




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4 09 2009
Pastor Mich

Seeing the chimps reminded me of dropping by Berna’s preschool room up in the CE building at church. Sorry to read about your run in with the motorcyclist. Glad though that he wasn’t hurt too bad. Scarry I’ll bet for you. This is why we pray for our missionaries…right? I got your package today in the mail. I brought it home, asked Berna to iron them, and I am displaying one on my office wall (to remind me to pray for you) and one up next to the missions cabinet in the gym. That was very, very kind of you. I thank you. You are a good friend, Gary. As much as I liked the gift…I liked the kind things you said in the card even more. Keep up the great job on the blog. I try to read it as often as I possibly can. Love the pics. Sure miss you guys!

28 08 2009
Lori Fekkes

Sound like our house!! And I’d like to know what those two in the background are doing?!?!

24 08 2009

Good one!

24 08 2009
Virginia Sears

The chimps are really loud, I am glad you did not get hit by anything.

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