August 10

9 08 2009

School is back in session and we are busy!  Planning for classes is a lot of work…I can’t imagine what the load is like for all of you full time teachers.  I have kids in my Grade 9 Health and Yearbook classes from Lebanon, India, Korea, England and of course, Nigeria and the U.S.  The kids are unique, challenging and fun all at the same time.

After reading a friends blog, I thought I would try to follow her example and share more of our thoughts and feelings…We have been more focused on all of our experiences.   Some days I wake up and think am I really in Nigeria?  What am I doing here?  Most days I thank God for the privilege of serving here.  I worry that I am not ‘doing’ enough, but if I have my prayer time with the Lord, He gives me the peace and confidence that if I abide in Him, He will work through me…often in ways I won’t see.

We had the inevitable driving experience we were told would happen.  An echaba (motorcycle) rear-ended our van (in spite of our early turn signal, brake lights and slowing down) and went down on the pavement.  He ended up w/ only minor injuries, and was picked up and transported by another echaba (!) to be checked out.  It does not matter who is at fault, even if alcohol is involved (which was likely) —  We are baturi (white), have a car and more money, so we pay.   We didn’t have to pay a lot, and thankfully he was not severely injured, but it shook us up a bit. Driving here continues to be a stress and challenge.  We ask for prayer for safety!

There has been some violence and ugly incidences over the past 2-3 weeks in the states north of us, which you may have seen/heard about in the news.  We don’t feel in danger, but it is hard to hear and I can’t deny that worry crops up.  I want to shield my children from hearing about it, but its all out in the open here and kids are not shielded at all.  So instead we pray about it and teach them that we are trusting in God…maybe that is just what He wants us to do.




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23 08 2009
Kris Kramer

Hey guys!

Hope and pray that schools going along good for you. Thanks for continuing to share your adventures with us.

18 08 2009
Cyndie Hutchison

Hi Kimberly!!
Your blog is great! Happy Early Birthday!! I saw a pic of Jordan in profile and cannot believe how much she is growing to look like you! We are praying for you and miss you. Love Cyndie

13 08 2009
Don & Gail Barrett

Hi, wow, I love the videos to play and especially enlarged. For the length of time that your family has been there it appears that you have had some great adventures. God bless all of you and really enjoy reading about your lives there and all that God is teaching you. gail

11 08 2009
Christy Headrick

Wow! You know, sometimes I have to remind myself that ya’ll are in Nigeria!! LOL God is doing amazing things through your family…even if we don’t get to see exactly what it is yet. I’m so proud of all of you!! Your service and dedication to following God’s Will is inspiring! Love you guys! Thanks for sharing.

9 08 2009
Judi Seegert

It is always good to view your blog. Great pictures!! Kimberly, you look very natural among the new staff!!

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