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27 07 2009



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13 08 2009

To figure out how deep the puddles are, you watch the car in front of you….if it disappears, it’s too deep to drive through!

9 08 2009
Traci Gilbertson

Hi everyone,

I love seeing photos of all of you. The girls have gotten so big. We continue to pray for safety and for your school year to go well. How lucky they are to have both you and Gary helping in such amazing ways. We love you and miss you, and are grateful for your blog. Pleae tell the girls that Brooke and Nicole say Hello. Love the Gilbertsons

31 07 2009

Sometimes it’s still hard to beleive that you guys are so far away leading a life we can only try and relate to through your pictures and blog. Thanks for keeping us updated. Even more incredible to me is that you all seem so adjusted in what? 6-7 months now? It must be so very satisfying to be of such help to all those who need it so desperately need it. Each time I look at the pictures, the girls look even more grown up!
We are doing what we do and enjoying life and each other. This past week we’ve been surviving record breaking heat wave here in WA with temperatures hitting over 100 in some places. Thankfully we have been able to escape to our downstairs bedrooms with 3 fans going so it’s tolerable. Going camping this weekend, then we must Skype soon! Love M and M

29 07 2009
Erika Callies

What a blessing to have a clinic and medicine provided. You all made a difference that day in so many peoples lives. Keep up your good work and may God bless you in all you do. Again thanks for taking the time to post pictures. Erika

28 07 2009
buck nunn

You guys are fitting right in. It is great to keep up with all you are doing through the blog. Looks like the kids are right in the middle of it all and having a great time doing it. The playing in the rain looks like it MIGHT be a little different than we have here. With all the dirt roads it has to be a full time job just keeping up with the washing. How do you know how deep the pot holes are when they are full of Water?
Great to hear the Crouches are home. We were starting to get concerned. I don’t think the Mariners have won a game since the left.
Love the pictures and the blog.
keeping all of you in prayer
buck & jo

28 07 2009
Clem family

Hi Paynes! So great to see what you’ve been doing with the medical clinic. 🙂 And to know the Crouch’s got there safely. We need to skype soon!

love from the Clem clan

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