July 27

27 07 2009

We joined our new friends from Back2Back Ministries for a construction and medical outreach in a nearby village (Kissahyip).  Gary helped build storage boxes for the shelves in the village doctor’s office (a low-ceilinged hut).  Kimberly was in charge of the pharmacy portion of the medical clinic.  We had 3 Nigerian doctors, 2 missionary nurses, a prayer team to pray with patients and lots of helping hands.  We saw over 200 patients on the 1st day.  The team ministered for a second afternoon and still couldn’t see everyone.   About 20 people were referred to the hospital, and one patient was driven there right away.   It was hard work and we were all exhausted, but thankful to be used by God for such a need.    As we ran out of time and ran out of medicine, I was amazed at how appreciative and calm people were; especially after waiting for many hours….a very different attitude from how some patients react in the pharmacy in the U.S.

Jordan, Cypress and Isabell joined us for half of the day.  I was very proud of how they interacted with the kids and helped when needed.   Gary, Cypress and Jordan were willing and able to return and help again on the second day. Jordan and Cypress were welcome additions to the clinic again, counting pills and holding things at the ready for the nurses doing the pre-exam screening (temp/bp).

Back To Back then invited us to their celebration dinner before their short term missionaries headed home to the U.S.  Traditional African dancers entertained us and many joined them and tried to keep up with the beat.  The painted faces of the dancers and the whooping and squealing scared Isabell, but after awhile she joined the circle of dancers too.

The school year is now less than 2 weeks away, and the campus is filling up w/ returning and new teachers. While we have enjoyed the quieter summer, it is a joy to greet new faces and welcome back those who have been traveling over the summer. And we have been quite happy to welcome the Crouches back to Jos this week and are looking forward to spending more time w/ them once they have settled in and recovered from the 9 hour time change.




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29 08 2009

Thanks so much for serving with B2B. My name is Emilee and we serve with B2B in Jos, we just came home to have our baby and look forward to returning in Sept. I was looking up our ministry online and your blog came up! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

23 08 2009
Lori Fekkes

I thnk it is awesome, and so ironic, that you joined a medical missions team~ that was fun to read about, and look at the pictures. Reminded me of haiti. Thanks for keeping us posted!!

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