June 24

24 06 2009

Our “new” car has arrived.  It is a 1999 Toyota Sienna.  We are very happy to have seatbelts for everyone,  airbags, and a good working engine.   It was interesting buying a car here.  You decide what you want to spend, describe what you want and give the money to ‘the broker’ in cash.  He went looking for our specific requirements in another country (Benin) and came back with the car.  It took about 5 weeks.  This car actually originally came from the U.S.  and still had a registration sticker on the windshield that expires in 2010. There is a good market for used U.S. cars in Africa, especially Toyotas and Hondas.

We are still attempting to get our Nigerian driver’s license…First visit we picked up and filled out forms (in triplicate) and paid money.  Then we went back a  week later for fingerprinting, and the third week went to have picture taken, but paperwork hadn’t arrived from office across the parking lot.   Told to come back later…will try again this week, perhaps. We do have a temporary license receipt, so we at least can show that while we are in the midst of the licensing process!

We attended a traditional Nigerian church (ECWA Tuden Wada) last Sunday.  We heard that if we went to the early service (8 am) it would have to be over by 10 am for the next service to start.  Otherwise services can last 3+ hours.  The girls were brave and went to Sunday school with some of their friends who have also been attending that church. It was a very different experience for them!  All the kids crowd  into a cement room with a hole in the ceiling and broken windows.  No chairs, so they stood for 30 minutes for the assembly time.  Then, they broke up into small groups outside for teaching time.  The Nigerian kids want to hold their hands and touch their hair.  Baturi (white) kids are quite a novelty to the Nigerian kids.   Gary and I enjoyed the (loud) music and preaching, along with the special celebration of Father’s Day.

We are looking forward to helping some new friends serving in ‘Back 2 Back Ministries’ this summer in doing outreach programs with orphanages.   We are also excited to see more of Nigeria as we travel south  to Agoja next week to visit some missionary friends and visit in a small village.   Can’t wait to share all the details and pictures of our adventures!

Please pray for travel safety and opportuinities to share God’s love with those we meet on our travels.




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27 06 2009
Clem family

Hi Kim and Gary~

Loved the picture of the Monkey @- very funny! 🙂 Will look forward to hearing about your travels. Sadie’s really enjoying Jordan’s emails. love to you, J.

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