Rain Video

6 06 2009

Here’s a video so you can see what it’s like when it rains here. And it has also been mixed with hail over the past week (you can see it floating in the puddle in the video). It’s not quite like the usual gentle rains of the Pacific Northwest. It’s hard to describe how loud it is when the rain and hail are pounding down on a tin roof…this particular downpour was so loud that it made Isaac (Kuwi’s baby) cry, but no one even noticed for a few minutes!




3 responses

19 06 2009
Susan Shaw

Can you imagine running in this rain?? We would be drenched in seconds!!
Love Ya — Susan

7 06 2009
Marlene Orwiler

The rain is kind of like it was here earlier this spring. Well, not quite—.

7 06 2009
Karen McMillan

That isi nsane. The noise on the video was loud. Can’t imagine in real life. Do you all have fins and snorkels? Didn’t see any of the kids tromping in this one.
Take care. You are all missed.

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