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6 06 2009



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19 03 2010
Dottie and John Granger

Wanted you to know that our family and many others at Camano Chapel are praying for your protection and that the unrest will soon pass. As we live close to your house, on occasion we drive by and check it out, and it looks great! The people living there seem to be keeping it up just fine. My husband and I are taking a “Perspectives” mission class for 16 weeks, and we were surprised to hear what an impact particularly women have made reaching people, especially when they took their young families with them. Your work there greatly glorifies our Lord, and we pray that you will experience great joy found only through serving Him. In His Love, John and Dottie Granger

6 06 2009
Clem family

Sadie says, “Wow, those pictures are amazing! Awesome bicycle. Meat… wow. Did you buy any?! I miss you so much!!”

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