Elephant Video

30 05 2009

Here’s a video we took of the elephants when we visited Yankari Game Reserve over spring break…we got close to them…a bit closer then Cypress really wanted to be!




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4 06 2009
Marlene Orwiler

Your blog is so interesting. The video of the elephants was too cool! I enjoy the other pictures as well. What a learning experience you are all having.

My cousin and her husband from Pretoria, S. Africa will be arriving in mid-July. It will be fun to see them. I would love to take a trip to Africa some day.

May God bless you all and keep you safe from harm.


2 06 2009

Katie loves watching the elephant movie. She asks for it every morning when she gets up. We actually went to the zoo today and saw elephants because we were inspired by your video. She wants to know if there were any mommy and baby elephants there because there is a mommy and baby elephant at our zoo. Love you guys! Brett, Jen, & Kaitlyn

31 05 2009

We were too close to use the zoom…probably about 40 feet (or less) from them!
It was very, very cool to see them up close like that again.

30 05 2009
Lauri Sears

OK, WOW! If you weren’t using a zoom lens, you guys were CLOSE! How cool was that?!? That was very awesome!

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