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17 05 2009



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25 05 2009
Lisa Dean

So sorry to hear about Jordan’s friend. Such a close experience with the reality of mortality is hard to handle at any age, but especially with someone so young. We will pray for this girl and for Jordan. I’m sure you will be a super cool teacher and all of your students will love you. I really enjoy working with highschoolers. As a para-ed I work with all ages, but I prefer highschool. I mostly work with special Ed. kids though. It has been beautiful here the last couple of days. We had a fire outside tonight and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. We have two extra girls staying over, and I think the sugar will keep them up pretty late. I wish sugar had the same effect on me. I might have to microwave a cup of coffee even though it is almost 10 at night. I suppose this means life is good. Sunshine, friends and marshmallows. God bless you.
Lisa D.

24 05 2009
Kris Kramer

Hey guys,

Love the Cypress antennas!

23 05 2009

Hi Paynes!!!

I just arrived home from Israel yesterday and had such a wonderful time there. It’s good to be home, though!

I left temperatures in the 80’s and came home to temps in the 70’s! It’s beautiful out – time to go scootering tomorrow.

I think we’re all getting together in Spokane for Nick and Becca’s wedding next weekend. I’m sorry that you’ll miss the celebration but we’ll all be thinking of you.

Can Coll and I do anything for your family? You’re on our prayer list but we’re wondering what’s not on your needs/wants list – we’d be excited to
send you something.

Love in Christ,


21 05 2009

Hello All,
How very sad for the young girl to have lost her mom so suddenly. I know Jordan will be a compassionate and supportive friend.
We continue to enjoy seeing photos depicting your experience…pictures truly are worth 1,000 words. We’ve had our share of thunder storms in Florida this week. It’s ironic because the forecast shows sunny skies in Seattle and thunder storms in St Pete for the remainder of our time here. It must be a sign that it’s time to go home! We’ve had a great time. Be sure to check out my blog…I posted pictures that will give you an idea of what we’ve been up to.
Love M & M

19 05 2009
Karen McMillan

So do you ever see anyone with animals on the back of he motorcycles. I can’t believe the sights you see. Look for a package soon. I will post it on Wednesday. Miss ya. Karen

17 05 2009
Clem family

Hi Paynes! So have you brought any TV’s home on a motorcycle yet? Wow. The pictures show so much that words can’t, we really look forward to seeing them each week- thanks for posting them. We’re so sorry to hear of your loss, am so glad that little girl has Jordan for a friend right now. We’re praying for you to have a real sensitivity to her needs. 🙂 love, J.

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