Garo Video

10 05 2009

Awhile back Kimberly accompanied the Grade 4 class on their visit to Garo, an orphanage outside of Jos. She took some pictures and video while she was there, so now that I can post video, here it is. That’s the Grade 4 teacher, Mrs. Harley, in the background, and the girls are having fun playing some sort of musical game.




One response

15 05 2009
Virginia Sears

Dear Payne family, it is so good to catch up on your news, thank you for your faithfulness. Mother’s Day with church first and than later dinner at T & L. always a good time. Got some beautiful flowers to hang out side. Your video’s are neat, wonderful to hear your voices as well as seeing you and your friends and surroundings. Mop’s is over for another year. Mary Anne and teachers did a good job. The children were fun and interesting. Everyone enjoyed the Smile Box each week. Love & Prayers,

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