May 10

9 05 2009

We have come to realize that lightning and thunder are a large part of the rainy season. About every other day we have thunder and very bright and close lightning. It makes me nervous and jumpy. The other day Jordan said “Mom, I just saw a bolt!”, then a crash of thunder shook the house, the lightning tripped our breaker and the power went out. As we huddled together away from the windows , I wondered if we would get used to it? I want to be brave enough to get video and pictures of these amazing forces of nature.

We just celebrated Isabell’s 7th birthday with a party at our house. It was going to be a small party with 4 of her friends. In the end, ten kids played water balloon games, went on a treasure hunt, and also a scavenger hunt. It was a lot of shrieking girls and fun (Gary missed out on the shrieking…he was on the Grade 9 overnight trip to Abuja)!

Jos is still experiencing a fuel shortage. From what we have heard, it is  because of a(nother) workers strike. Lines for fuel can be one mile long, and people sometimes wait overnight! It tugs on my heart strings to regularly hear the prayers of the women as they earnestly pray that their government would use Nigeria’s resources in a way that would better benefit the people.

Recently, we did some shopping at a market on the other side of Jos. It was obvious they were not used to seeing baturi (white people). We had lots of looks and comments with Isabell receiving the most attention for being ‘so cute’. She however, was not very happy about it, especially as a few people got too close in her personal space.

After much thought and prayer I have agreed to teach two classes next year at the high school: Freshman Health and Yearbook. In preparing to move here, I never imagined that teaching would be where God would lead me to serve. I even said I would never be in front of a classroom. (Once upon a time, I said I would never be in MOPS leadership!). God does amazing heart transformations. I have received a tiny bit of experience through substitute teaching, homeschooling and the Lighthouse Co-op, but class preparation and teenagers are going to be a huge challenge! I am feeling ready for it (on most days)! I am currently substituting for three weeks in 11th grade Chemistry and it is challenging both in subject and interacting with the kids. I have had to deal with a few difficult issues.

Last week and during the coming week, Gary is administering AP exams for juniors and seniors. If they do well on these 3+ hour exams they can earn college credit. Tests this year includes Camputer Science, Calculus, English Lit, Biology, Psychology, World History and Studio Art. They (and their teachers) have been working hard all year in their AP classes!

BTW…the 8th grade banquet is Saturday evening…it made us think of Janelle and the beautiful dress the women brought for her when we came last year!

And thank you so very much for your ongoing prayers, encouragement and support. It helps to keep us strong and focused on God as we live to serve him here in Jos, Nigeria.

Prayer Requests:

  • A strong finish for students and teachers in the last 3 weeks of school
  • Calmness & clarity for those students taking AP exams.
  • Preparations and safe travel for numerous missionary families leaving on furlough
  • Wisdom as we pursue purchase of a vehicle



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7 06 2009
Pastor Mich

Hi guys. I love to read your blog and get updated on the latest news from Jos. Kimberly, we’re praying for your health. Haven’t heard if it’s confirmed that you have malaria yet. We’re praying no. Sure do miss you two and the girls. Just the other day we were talking in the church office during a “break” and saying how much we miss the Payne family at Camano Chapel. We just took a minute and gathered to pray for you right then and there. Thanks for all you mean to so many back here on Camano.
We love each of you,

11 05 2009
Berna Michl

So good to have this blog to read. We have had our own giant puddle outside my preschool room this winter where the construction dirt has been removed – my preschoolers think that they are building a swimming pool for them! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Kimberly. We think of you often and pray for you too! “Hello” and a big hug to the girls from Teacher Berna!

We love you guys!
Berna (and Mich)!

9 05 2009
Kris Kramer

Kimberly, Welcome to the company of teachers. You’ll do great! Gary, You will have to now hear her practice her lessons all evening. Good for you! 🙂

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