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30 04 2009

After it rained (hard) yesterday afternoon, the girls had fun playing outside, getting wet and muddy, splashing (and even sitting) in the BIG puddles. Cypress noticed that the big puddle outside the elementary school classrooms was shaped like Africa, and even included Madagascar, although you’ll notice that it’s on the wrong side of the continent! And Kimberly went down to play soccer against the HS girls team. It’s difficult to find other organized girls soccer teams. They had to wait for the lightning to pass over before commencing play on the muddy, soggy field!




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8 05 2009
Kris Kramer

Love the video clips….keep em coming!

4 05 2009

I have been thinking of all of you a lot lately. I so enjoy reading your blog! Four months and it sounds as though you are adapting nicely. Different cultures are so exciting to explore and I envy your opportunity to live in one. Stay happy and safe. Luv Lu

3 05 2009
Lisa Dean

Hello Payne family,
Looks like you’re in Seattle or something! lol:) I’m just taking a break from getting all my MOPS stuff done for the brunch. You know how that is. The Moppette helpers have asked us not to bring gifts but to bring food donations for his pantry instead. very sweet and much less work. Next year will be my 10th and last year of Mops. I’ll be ready for it to be done. I’m ready to try something new.
Well, life sure looks different down there. We certainly need to count our blessings up here on Camano don’t we.
I’m so happy that you all look happy and are reaching out to people there.
God bless you!
Lisa D

2 05 2009
Kelly Schlichtmann

Thats a BIG puddle!!!

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