Pix April 30

30 04 2009



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1 05 2009
Karen McMillan

O.K. So I am beginning to wonder if maybe Cypress is part fish. It’s great to see her and her sister splashing around. Reminds me of when I was a kid and the rain would come with warm weather. Obviously, not WA. Lots of fun.

30 04 2009
buck nunn

Hi, reading the blog and seeing the pictures rekindles so many memories of our time over there. The blooming of the beautiful trees really set of memories. I can remember the rains in Arkansas when it would come down so hard you could not even see the windshield wipers going across the windshield. I can’t imagine how muddy the roads and shopping areas are with that much rain.
Love the blog and pictures.
lv ya’ guys
buck n jo

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