April 25

26 04 2009

We hear of warmer weather in the Pacific Northwest.   Praise the Lord!  We are having a variety of weather which has been fun.  Cool windy days mixed in with hot humid days, and then rain, thunder and lightning like I have never seen before.  A few nights ago, we turned out all the lights (by choice) and watched lightning for an hour.  Amazing!  I have since learned that Jos is one of the largest lightning strike zones in the world because of the composition of the rocks and being high on a plateau.  I don’t know the accuracy of this, but we won’t be playing outside in these lightning storms.  In fact, we have also been warned to unplug everything if the storm passes directly overhead.  Light bulbs and light sockets are prone to blow out when there are lightning strikes that manage to send surges through the power lines…

There is a fuel shortage (apparently due to a recent strike, now over) in our area which creates a shortage on taxis.  Since many Nigerians rely on taxis for transportation, they are having trouble getting around.  The lines at gas stations are hours long, and some stations are closed because of no fuel.    Also the price of gas has risen. No matter what the cause, it is sad and frustrating in a country rich with oil.   *One of these days we will post a picture of a taxi sedan filled with at least 10 people!  The echabas (motorcycles) will pile 4 or 5 people.  Unbelievable until you see it!

I have really been enjoying the ‘Moms In Touch’ group I meet with once a week and pray for the needs of our school.  It is mostly Nigerian moms with an Australian hostel parent and me.  We were asked to lead the weekly chapel for the middle and high schools.  We planned music, a devotional and 3 testimonies from moms, of which I was one.   I was skeptical sharing my testimony with teenagers thinking my story wouldn’t impact them, but I was reminded that it is God’s story, and can impact anyone!   It was a very moving chapel service with great feedback from students and staff.   One of the awesome blessings I received from sharing how God has worked in my life was that the other moms in the prayer group were excited to learn my history and we made plans for future fellowship time.  This meant a lot to me since I tend to be shy about developing deeper relationships, and being new in the country makes it even more challenging.

I have had 4 ‘sessions’ with Lottie,  the woman wanting to learn to read.  It is so challenging!  I remind her that practice is the best way to learn to read.  She has 7 children, has to collect water, shop in the market, prepare meals, work during the day (she sells puff puffs, kosi (bean curd), fried potatoes and plantains and eggs on campus) , cook by fire, and when it is dark there is no electricity, so it is bedtime.  It is hard for her to find time to practice.  We are working on putting sounds together to make 3 letter words.  Pray that our time together will lead to results.

We are thrilled to hear about the success of the MOPS auction (and sad to miss it)!  I was reminded of setting up and transforming the gym into something different.   The Hillcrest Junior/Senior  Banquet was last night in the chapel (across our front yard) and we watched as they spent several days before setting up and transforming it into a beautiful, luxurious restaurant.  Younger kids and families gathered outside as the students attending walked up the red carpet dressed in gowns and suits and tuxedos.  I had forgotten how high heels can be!

Prayer Requests:

  • Kimberly is subbing in HS Chemistry for the next 3 weeks
  • Healing for the Bill & Lorraine Foutes’ son, who was severely beaten and robbed in Chico CA
  • Good attitudes & effort by Hillcrest students in the last weeks of school
  • Wisdom as we search for a vehicle (van) to purchase




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27 04 2009
Amy Perkins

Hi Paynes! the lightening reminds me of Chicago, but yours sounds much wilder. So many years ago my Mom was involved with a literacy program called “Each one, teach one” – and there you are, with Lottie!
Dwight dug more sod up from our yard so we have new planting areas to buy shrubs for. It was a struggle to get up to Mt Vernon for them and to visit Lefty Wootten in the hospital, with the Tulip Festival going on yesterday! We may try going on Wednesday, Dwight’s day off – but not on a weekend!
Thanks for your continued interesting journaling! Love, Amy

27 04 2009
The Clem family

Hi there~ Wow, high school chemistry!! Good for you! 🙂 The lightning sounds really fascinating to watch, wondering if the girls were nervous. I’ll be praying for you to make some close friendships with some of the moms.

love, Jennifer

27 04 2009
Traci Gilbertson

Hi everyone,

Kimberly how exciting that you are helping Lottie to read. I will definately be praying that God will allow her some time to practice. Loved the video of Cypress in the rain. I hope you can share more videos. It was fun to hear her voice for the short second. I hope you are all doing well. Sounds like you are all staying busy. Lots of Love, Tell the girls that Brooke and Nicole say Hi.

Your friend Traci

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